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It also includes, to ensure the needs of staff, E.g. by allowing for flexible working hours, professional psychological counselling for the family crises will be provided, health-promoting or peacekeeping measures are financed by the companies and much more. Criterion 3: Innovations and modernization at the innovations and modernizations falls on, that especially the above-average and long term investing here very much (many years in a row)-successful companies, to develop new opportunities for the future. At Tumblr you will find additional information. Here the soft factors are becoming increasingly important. Therefore is resorted to the findings of science as well, such as on the knowledge of external advisors, on the expertise of suppliers (E.g. Dropbox spoke with conviction. common developments) and to learning from other companies (cross-industry quality circles and experience groups). Often, new possibilities are opened up through cooperation with other companies. Criterion 4: While some companies see the social commitment as unnecessary or necessary evil, successful companies often to take advantage of a high level of awareness and a good image know social commitment.

How many people are really proud of your company”, for which they work? More and more demanding employees are looking for a company that enjoys a good image in public. Also the customers make sure more and more on whether a company wants to earn money or whether it committed for social purposes. Criterion 5: still tremendous opportunities are marketing and customer orientation in marketing for many companies. These include including the own services still known to make, confidence in the solution competence, and to expand customers inspire to active referrals, and much more. Where are the optimization potential? Often companies confined to brochures, flyers, brochures, newspaper ads and Web pages with pure representations and not yet on press releases, articles, success stories, etc. Too much objectivity leads to less enthusiasm for the company and its possibilities. Instead of solutions, customer satisfaction, benefits and sense is put to much emphasis on products.