The Receptionist

My wage surpassed by very little to the one of the receptionist of the company that as soon as it initiated his university studies, to difference mine that my professional title had and not only that but more than twenty diplomas of seminaries and small courses which it had attended while it made my race university. As he would say somebody in my country, I was " more preparation than yogurt" and it had " more cardboards than tugurio". Briefly it had sufficient study to obtain a use like which I wished and not like that the life offered to me. Nevertheless for some reason that did not know he was not able to obtain a decent employment but always it had to conform to me to works badly remunerated what by the way it decreased my self-esteem and it made me think and feel that everything what had studied and all the persistence that had put during my race for being one of the best students had been in vain. After my first work in that I lasted as already I said 2 years, I happened to work in another company as assistant director of the commercial department with one weighs to improvement in my pay and with at least a secretary who helped to develop my workings me in the company.

In that work I was until the previous year, that means that I was there during 5 exhausting years, winning to me a wage that was little less than 2 times the legal minimum wage of my country. The comedian of all this situation is that in all this time never I stopped passing and passing and passing curriculum, life leaves or as they want to call it in whichever opportunity saw announced or in Internet or newspapers or newspapers of my country. Speaking candidly Yael Aflalo told us the story. Surplus to say that they never called me for anything.