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A wooden house has not only many ecological and economical advantages – it is also very safe! That a wooden house has many environmental and economic advantages, is already frequently been discussed. But a wooden house is also very safe. Over the years, there has been, for example, reports on fires of wooden houses, where the structure of the building was not destroyed. Such examples illustrate the fire resistant property of the massive walls in a wooden house. Tom Kuhns, President of Kuhn Bros. Log homes (leading manufacturer of wooden buildings) from the United States has confirmed the fire resistance of such wooden houses through a series of tests. A 15 cm thick wooden wall can last an hour, whereas a 20 cm thick wall of two hours is over. “, so Kunhs.” In contrast to the conventional half-timbered House, a wooden house has no hidden holes can penetrate through the fire. Learn more at this site: Dropbox.

A wooden house by fire relatively is together with a corresponding, massive roof construction exceptionally resistant. Also, a widespread misinformation is the vulnerability of wood against insects and fungi. The material for the wooden house is dried before manufacturing, so that the probability of fungal infection is extremely low. Should a wood House is infested by insects, they can be localized easily when compared to traditional structures. Drying to less than 12% moisture is very stable the wood House. Due to the high heat, it is additionally cleaned and wood decay-causing mold, fungi or insects or their larvae and eggs are killed. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Darcy Stacom, New York City. Since the surface of the block bar is very dry, paint can be applied immediately, which interacts with deep and long.

Wooden structures are ahead because of their natural solid wood walls and beams of the time. “In addition to the desire of most wooden houses naturalness and sustainability the modern wooden house with its massive structures among builders feels most stable built buildings. Indeed, there is many reports, where a wooden house was among the few structures, undamaged or slightly damaged the natural disasters such as tornados, etc., were over. Such wood a House it is also known that it has a very long service life. A wooden house can be well over 300 years old.