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(Leverkusen, 07.01.2008) The conditions in the management of the decentralized work systems according to the complexity of barometer of the consulting firm Centracon have increased further in the course of the year. Then a high complexity of client systems is almost two-thirds of the companies. Derived from the consulting practice Centracon has identified various symptoms, which the problematic relationships reveal: a high administration overhead by the wide range of basic and special applications on the Workstation systems continuously. Updates and migrations to the decentralized systems regularly cause bottlenecks at the RessourcenStationare and mobile workers can not flexible enough with the required applications are supplied. Reorganizations cause very extensive, time-consuming and costly projects. Technically heterogeneous landscaped sites increase the requirements for the distributed access.

There are limitations on the flexible scaling of local resources. The lack of efficient central control international locations. The growing security and business continuity requirements are not sufficiently taken into account in terms of infrastructure. The integration of suppliers, customers and other external partners is technically inadequate. A standardization and flexibility comport is difficult with the existing infrastructure concepts. Smart client architecture create an optimal alternative here, because they replace the previously rigid, location-based models with flexible conditions with low infrastructure dependency. Such concepts IT jobs tailored to provided quasi users as a service from the socket, on demand is available at any internal and external sites”, explains Centracon CEO of Robert Gallant. This is not possible with the traditional infrastructure concepts.

The essential feature of the smart client architecture belongs to, that by central or virtual workstations and applications providing a modular standardization encryptor. On this basis, you can break up in classical architecture concepts very inflexible mapping applications and IT jobs. In addition to the significant gain in flexibility and mobility client architectures bring about a permanent reduction of the resource needs in the workplace management smart, because they create a much higher degree of automation”, describes the decisive effect Galstyan. Also the way could be there without large investments perform, because the company could relying on existing techniques and skills. Although the idea of smart a forward-looking infrastructure creates client architecture which, whose development this requires no high investments”, says Gallant. Rather, the heart of is the overarching concept for the innovative orientation of the infrastructure. More information: meetBIZ & think tank GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72, fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71 over centracon: centracon GmbH, headquartered in Leverkusen is a specialized IT consulting company with strong conceptual and technological expertise in all facets of the software and workplace management and IT security. centracon provides management consulting to IT strategy and service design, technology consulting by the business case through the development of solutions to the operational integration and strategic advice on program and project management. centracon advises and works according to internationally recognized best practice methodologies such as PRINCE2 and ITIL has evolved since inception in 1990 to become a leading special consultant. Customers include, for example, Bayer AG, FinanzIT, fiducia IT AG, GAD eG, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Swisscom IT services, Sony, and various federal agencies such as the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Urban Infrastructure

Important to stand out that in this period of 10 years the city hall already spent R$11,3 Billions, that is, it had surpassed in R$ 100 million the initial debt. This escape of resources brought disastrous consequncias for the municipal administration therefore the other governmental areas removed precious resources of all as: Public health, Education, Transports, Urban Infrastructure, Habitation, etc. All these areas present serious deficiencies in the attendance the population and unhappyly they had had of being neglected by the payment of the public debt with its high interests. Studies of the Secretariat of Finances of the city of So Paulo disclose that only with the change in the financing conditions, as the use of other indices of monetary update as the IPCA (Index of Prices to the Ample Consumer) or of course raised tax SELIC, they would reduce the sum of the debt in some billions of Reals. In the case of the IPCA, kept the same tax of interests of 9% to the year, would have reduction of R$ 19 Billion. Already for tax SELIC, the economy it would arrive the R$ 12 Billion.

The main problem happened of this situation is that it does not have any type of quarrel gone deep on a subject that intervenes directly with the capacity of expenses of the city hall of the city of So Paulo. Per next the 20 years, about 13% to the net revenue the budget the city it will be destined to the payment of this debt and it does not have perceivable movements of the classroom politics to search a solution for this gigantic economic impediment that also affects the majority of the Brazilian cities. As all the problems of economic order that had always affected our country, the joined solution always was to transfer to the future the necessary resolutions for today. With the beginning of a new government always the possibility of quarrel of the complicated subjects resurges more as this of the debt of the cities with the federal government. However, as it can still more reduce already the engaged budget of the Union, it has of if waiting to see if really we will have serious debates and that they bring benefits for the wronged greaters with this situation: The population of the city of So Paulo and for extension, for sharing of the same problems, all the Brazilian population.


Photocatalytic coating with nano technology, who knows it not, the annual fight against mosses, algae and green surfaces on facades, garage and basement exits? So far helped here often only the chemical mace or the high pressure cleaner. But is that really every year on the new? A novel coating from the laboratories of the nanotechnologist promises long-lasting protection against Moss, algae and green lining. The new panacea is called TitanShield and is simply sprayed on the surface after cleaning. The effect of the completely invisible coating is based on the principle of photo-catalysis. In conjunction with light is the coating able to decompose all organic substances, so that Moose and green coverings have no chance. But also normal soiling”can not settle. They are decomposed by the coating and easily washed off by the rain. The coating is just as well can be used on natural stone or clinker on plaster facades.

But also smooth and polished surfaces can be TitanShield coat. Often also the antibacterial effect of the coating is needed here apart from self cleaning. A TitanShield coating is stable for 10 to 15 years, while the effectiveness is not consumed, as photocatalysis is stimulated by the light again. See for further information on product and operation.

Ninth Deposit

A responsible breeder will have a questionnaire for the potential owners, and also a waiting list. This will help that is to say the characteristics you of the possible owners and to approve them or to even disapprove them before being born the puppies. If not yet you have done this, while hope that your stock matures and is ready to reproduce, it is a good moment to develop to a page Web to find home him to your cachorritos. In the page, you will have to include information on whom you are and what profits you have had with the chosen race. Also I recommend to you you include the questionnaire. This it must have a series of questions addressed to the potential owners.

This is important, because surely you will wish to locate to the puppies in a good home, not only entregrselos to which pay more. It remembers that if anybody does not wish to take the time to complete the questionnaire, the time will not be taken either to take care of the puppy well. There are some good questions that you must include in your questionnaire, so that you know that so good it will be the home of your puppy. Here you step some examples than you must ask your visitors: . Which is your personal information? . What type of home you have for the new puppy? . What you wish to obtain from the new puppy? .

You have read the standards of the race? . What qualities you create important that your puppy has? . You wish a male or a female? . You glide that your puppy has young? . You glide to show your puppy in exhibitions or shows? . Where will sleep the puppy? . What food will eat? . Who will be the person in charge to take care of the puppy? .

Caja Duero

Box Spain, recently merged with Unicaja, Caja Duero has increased the profitability of a range of deposits online called PlazoNet. These products allow to choose the term that best fits the needs of the saver.Changes have been the following: deposit within 90 days (PlazoNet 90), now lets get a fixed return of 1,2559% TAE and soon gave him a 1.00% APR. Deposit PlazoNet 180 now offers you a fixed return of 1,7578% Apr, when before it offered a 1.10% Apr. Deposit to 365 days, called PlazoNet 365, now lets get a fixed return of 2,2499% Apr, while earlier offered a 1.25% TAE. Deposits at 15 and 30 days have not undergone any modification, they continue to provide a % 1,0048 TAE the PlazoNet 15 and 1,0046% PlazoNet 30 Apr. All deposits have the liquidation of interest at maturity and the minimum amount to hire is 2,000 euros and the maximum of 200,000 euros. To access them you need hire the mail service Web. Original author and source of the article


Professional membership promotion for clubs increasingly Hanover major disasters such as the floods in Pakistan or just a few months earlier complicate the earthquake in Haiti the implementation of everyday topics such as animal welfare and protection of children in fundraising and the membership drive for a club. After the experiences of the company specialized in membership promotion and social marketing you can service 94 GmbH against the background of topics such as animal welfare, child protection or environmental protection of the population harder convey great disasters and the media presence. At the information stands of 94 service GmbH for welcoming new members is focusing people on the issues significantly, which can observe them in the media. Against the background of the economic crisis, this leads to a restrained attention for the problems associated with the daily life. The biggest opportunities to motivate people to help, is still in direct talks. Otherwise they waving with regard to donations for victims of Major disasters off”, so the experiences at the information booths.

Since the beginning of the economic crisis, many particularly smaller clubs suffer declining membership and donation numbers. Major disasters also take the interest and many people are willing to help. Smaller clubs are engaged but mostly not in the rescue or disaster relief. The clubs are losing support. Through targeted discussions with the people at information booths for welcoming new members, 94 GmbH in the interest and on behalf of the Organization, however, controls the service. The Service94 GmbH with headquarters in Burgwedel employs over 125 staff in the field of promotion, membership promotion, public relations and fundraising. GmbH developed the service 94 strategies in collaboration with the associations as a principal for the long-term financing of the objectives of the clubs. Since the beginning of the company’s more than ten years history is the social commitment of the company and the employees who know their young, for example, in the own company kindergarten, supplied in the foreground of the company policy. Frank Kroll

The Majority

The nitrogen removal in systems of cultivated stream beds is between 25 and 80%. The removal of the match in humid lands very efficient does not have to the limited chances of contact between residual water and land. The plants and the land catch part of the match. 1.4Substrato of the system wetland the cultivated stream beds constructed consists of design correct of a bucket that contains water, substratum, and the majority normally, emergent plants. Small changes in the hidrologia can have important effect in a humid land and in the effectiveness of the treatment and because of the superficial area of the water and its little depth, a system strong acts reciprocal and with the atmosphere through rain and evapotranspirao. The density of the vegetation affects its hidrologia strong.

The substratum in constructed humid lands includes ground, sand, rock, organic materials. The vegetation remaining portions are very important, therefore they support good part of the living organisms in humid lands, the permeability of the substratum for affecting the movement of the water. In some saturated substrata, the water substitutes the atmospheric gases in the pores and the microbiano metabolism consumes the available oxygen. In accordance with the parameters analyzed in the system of wetland, regulated for the CONAMA, have the waited incomes: reduction of the DBO, nitrogen, of suspended solids, ammonia entrance and exit, removal of the match, metal removal and the removal of fecais coliformes. The secondary or tertiary treatment of sewers with ‘ ‘ wetlands’ ‘ constructed it has promoted effluent ends of good quality, becoming possible its launching in bodies d’ water or its reutilizao for ends not considered noble: restricted irrigation, for example.