It can be put not only the "tool", and and additional details, such as removable flash, tripods, and similar detail, without which his life is none of the amateur photographer. And if the bundle includes a more comfortable strap, through which the purse can be worn on the shoulder, then a friend (or girlfriend) would be very grateful to you for such a convenient and the right thing. It is worth noting that choosing a gift bag, you must pay attention to his size as a handbag, which is twice the size of the camera will look ridiculous. Therefore esliVy decided to stop your choice on this version, better ask the culprit coming celebrations under any pretext to borrow your camera so you can choose the appropriate size. Nice gift for lovers of photography will also a set of flares that help you improve the quality of the pictures and choose the appropriate lighting for a particular situation.

In addition, photos taken with professional outbreaks, will please do not only their "creator", but for all who care fototvorchestvo. A good option for the amateur photographer can be a gift set of batteries and charge them. Agree that not every person after buying the camera still money on extra batteries. Usually buy them later. Therefore, knowing that your friend uses the usual "fingers", you can safely go to the store for charging and battery that will allow the photographer to not worry about what the machine shuts down at the most inopportune moment, and he can not make an interesting picture.