Feminine Freedom

The biggest example of the feminine freedom imitates the masculine freedom that is almost always depravation, sexual they are the clubs of the women, and the drunknesses of the women. She is not one criticizes to the behavior of the women is a constatao of the reality. The capitalism and industrialization are if molding our auto destruction with human beings in they see as new possibilities to them of group of consumption, the capitalism created the public gay, the pretty priest and threshed and vain person well different Dos Santos of the church catholic, the evanglico public, the religious sincretismo that extends the consuming market, I advise that to the church catholic slowly the Mother of God so that he can be equal to the evanglicas churches, that are an inheritance of the inquisition, so that it increases the consuming public still more. TSI International Group: the source for more info. It has many evanglicos consuming the books and the CDS of the priests catholics, singers who we do not know of that public evanglicos catholics belong if. In case I to call this religious sincretismo I will say that it is only one creation of an enormous consuming public.

The capitalism will not have an end because it does not possess another ideology that is not to create public and products to be consumed, the capitalism is cynical and little he is imported with the ideologies, it only molds they so that they are favorable to its intentions, the capitalism molded until Jesus Christ. To these they take me declarations to believe that the capitalism will not have an end, not to be that it destroys the human being and the planet as he is making. The modernismo also will not have an end, while it will be related only with the technological progress. The Capitalism if it molds the conditions human beings, therefore it will not have an end. If in them to become vegetarians the industry if adaptara the new reality of the market, if in them to become Buddhists or mulumanos the industry will adaptar the new socioeconmica reality.

Guyanas Time

It also pains in combat the Vice of gluttony. They fasted compulsorily on many occasions, According to Bertoni. Such custom was always general, from the Antilles and Guyanas to South. Although the reasons may vary, the Guarani fast represented a veritable institution. He fasted and even fasting for various reasons: mystical fasts, medicinal fasts, fasts of education of the will, and other casual. He is considered as a necessary exercise from time to time, and take pride in not being slaves of the eat. Mystical fasts were always common. So fast avare, or karaiva, or page, before attempting one of his evocations and even for the preparation of certain substances or medications.

By the birth of a child, the father also have to fast, strong and happy at the same time. Meticulous cleanliness had been at meals and all matters relating to the preparation of food. Rochefort wrote that you except the days of food in common (fiestas or public meetings), each person had his small table apart. On the table put the most neat of tablecloths, which was a green banana leaf. Always before eating wash your hands with very careful. Very notable contrast with the neglect that many indigenous people of another race (volume III, p. 41) gave a sad example.

Feeding. All Guarani peoples were more or less vegetarian, and some were at all. Even where they ate fish, carnivorous feeding sick them, and many did not support the European power. Did not have the Guarani tradition have been Hunter village. Their ancestors lived on leaves and weeds, cassava and sweet potatoes. All that was the ancient Guarani vegetalismo is clearly indicated by another tradition that Rochefort has been transmitted to us, very old tradition among them, according to which their ancestors were not fed but of herbs or herbs and natural fruits of the Earth. The Guarani never ate eggs of any kind.

Needed Nutrients

However, in females, this problem is more frequent, particularly in those that have rules long or abundant. The lack of iron is detected with analysis and is easily corrected with medical treatment. DietUna low protein diet can also cause hair loss, as also the iron-poor intake. Vegetarians, people who make poor protein diets and patients with anorexia nervosa may present a deficient protein nutrition. When this happens, the body help to conserve the proteins of the subject, diverting the hair in the growth towards the resting phase, with what these people observe a massive fall of hair about 3 months later. After pulling the hair, the hair come out easily with root. This process is reversible with medical treatment, which requires an adequate amount of protein intake.

Post-partoAlgunas women lose large amounts of hair at 2-3 months of birth. When a woman gives birth to many hairs enter the rest of the cycle phase pillar. 2-3 Months of confinement, begins to observe that to combing a large number of hairs remain retained in the comb or brush. This hair fall can last about 6 months. The problem is resolved, in the majority of cases, after an adequate medical treatment. Not all new mothers are going to suffer from this experience, and not all women will observe a fall of hair with each pregnancy.

Stress and enfermedadesSe can begin to lose hair from 1-3 months after a stressful situation, such as major surgery. High fevers, severe infections or chronic diseases can also result in hair loss. Little active or overactive thyroid tiroideUna disease can cause hair loss. These diseases are diagnosed by clinical symptoms and laboratory tests. They require no specific treatment. MedicamentosAlgunos drugs used in cancer chemotherapy makes the hair cells to stop their division, and that hair is thin and break off easily as they emerge from the scalp.

Recipe For Meat

There are many varieties of meat from many locations, it can be said that the majority of global consumption of meat comes from meat from domesticated animals to supply raw meat industry. Meats are an unstable and highly perishable product and should be stored in refrigerated environments (the ideal is that they are between – 1 C and 2 C), packed in packs vacuum-packed chilled meat should remain stored inside until minutes before cooking, if wrapping breaks his life media boils down to a few days. Drew Houston is a great source of information. No wrap the meat with plastic bags since it increases the possibility of bacterial growth, so not should be wrapped meat under any criteria until it is not marketed and reaches the final consumer. The meat is a great contribution of protein (20% of its weight) and essential amino acids, besides being responsible for reactivating the metabolism of the human body. Drew Houston follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. One hundred grams of red meat provide 20.7 g protein and provides the same amount of white meat 21.9 g of protein. The meat brings very few carbohydrates and contains very little fiber.The advantage of a diet that includes meat with respect the exclusively vegetarian is fundamentally easier to provide the quantity and necessary variety of essential amino acids. The content of fats from the meat depends largely on species of animals as well as the chosen court, the way in which the animal has been maintained during the growth phase, the food offered during this phase and methods of cooked or used in his court and exploded by the carnage. The meat has a ways to be prepared for example, amounts to the skillet ground beef.