Wood Pellets – Explanation Of Terms And Standards

Who hears the term wood pellets for the first time, who perhaps wonder what does this mean. Who hears the term wood pellets for the first time, who perhaps wonder what does this mean. He comes from English, where the word means as much as balls or pellets pellets. Seen from afar wood pellets are reminiscent of really small balls, in reality is but small cylindrical body, which is compressed from wood waste together. Depending on what type of material used for the production of wood pellets was which species of wood, sawdust or sawdust, etc., the addition of a binder is necessary, for example the addition of starch or of molasses. But in some cases can be the wood pellets without the addition of binders, because the wood lignin containing the substance, which, if it is heated and is liquefied, acts as a binding agent. Not individually, but always using wood pellets in bulk and therefore they are known as Bulk. In Germany, there is a certain standard, the wood pellets under lie.

It is a DIN standard DIN 51731. Read more here: pretium. This German standard sets but no rules for the quality of wood pellets. In Austria, are strict here and sets its own standard different things for the production of wood pellets. The Austrian standard is oNORM M 7135 and sets out among other things the size of wood pellets. The exact composition and the water content of the wood pellets are governed by this standard and exactly firmly placed. So, the water content in Austria must be under ten percent, so that the wood pellets are still the norm. But the oNORM goes even further. So also the manner it governs how wood pellets are to store and transport. It is important that you pay attention to the proper storage and reasonable transportation, because improper storage or transport the product quality suffers.

Telematics-Markt.de User Test:

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