Winter activities having as protagonist snow are the most much enjoyed, especially by children and young people, who seem to feel very comfortable practicing any of winter extreme sports. Today, it is not only possible to ski in the snow. New activities make their way every year, to the delight of lovers of outdoor activities, like snowboarding. Is a highly widespread practice, which consists of descending on the slopes but instead of using traditional skis, are replaced by a table, similar to a skateboard. The expertise needed to maintain balance and achieve the pirouettes that his followers often make is much greater than that traditional skiing requires. The province of Mendoza has three major ski resorts: Vallecitos, Las Lenas and Los Penitentes.

Vallecitos is located just 80 kilometers from the city of Mendoza. It’s an area of 100 hectares with almost 4 and a half kilometers of skiable. The height at the base is 2900 meters above the sea level, while the Summit is they reach the 3350 meters. Their tracks are internationally renowned, and you can practice cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing and tobogganing. In the place there are four shelters and a guesthouse with restaurant. Los Penitentes is 165 km from the capital city.

The centre boasts 28 tracks, and the possibility of heli-skiing, i.e. skiing off-piste on Virgin snow. The heli-skiing owes its name to the athlete is just transferred in helicopter to areas outside the traditional tracks. It is only for more experienced athletes, as it requires the domain of an impeccable technique and an excellent physical condition to be able to be carried out. Las Lenas is a little further away from the city of Mendoza, about 421 kilometers. The topography of the place has formed a spectacular landscape with a natural Amphitheater, surrounded by stunning mountains that is snow much of the year. Centro has 27 tracks of ski with the greatest variety, for primary, intermediate and advanced. Also has the feature of having the longer in a single downhill track, over 7 km long.