Air Quality

The main task of the air cleaner – filling the apartment with clean air and rid the air of harmful substances and microorganisms. Modern air cleaners can include up to 7 filters, each with its own functions, for example, the function of pre-cleaning the air rests on an electrostatic filter, it removes large dust particles, hair, animal hair and mold, and then an antibacterial filter removes smaller particles – pollen, fine dust, which poses a great danger to humans (due to its low weight it can be a long time in the air to enter freely into the lungs) as well as bacteria is more than one micron. Hepa-filter neutralizes mold spores and bacilli, produces a highly efficient retention of particles). Anti-allergy filter capable of eliminating viruses and bacteria, which are particularly dangerous to children. To remove odors and volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, which is formed when using cleaning agents, you need carbon deodorizing filter. Since the molecules of these substances are so small that any Hepa-filter, even with the smaller cells, unable to cope with them (their size is below a thousandth of a micron).

To eliminate them need a special porous material, micropores which could hold these smallest particles. For such purposes is well-suited activated carbon – a substance that covers millions of microscopic pores in a special treatment ( and impact vapor). In modern models of cleaners Air may also be present new types of treatment systems and filtration systems, one of which is a photocatalytic filter.