Catering Manager

A new in-service training provides knowledge and skills in the ever-growing Cateringmarkt was formerly a suckling pig rustic buffet sufficient, must today’s catering, whether finger food also the corporate identity of the customers know catering or a gourmet catering service, offer a precise concept on the wishes of the customer and be competent contact for additional services such as artists or musicians. In the industry it’s called what translates so much like “The first offer should be the best offer.” “first shot, best shot”. Quotations are meant as example for a catering for gourmets in the form of a finger food catering or but an extensive Mediterranean catering. The catering is growing for years constant, however the requirements for catering companies and their services are increased. A rustic suckling buffet was sufficient, must, whether today’s catering finger food catering or a gourmet catering service also the corporate identity of the customers know a precise approach to the wishes of the Offer customers and be competent contact for additional services such as artists or musicians. Studies Institute in Dusseldorf has been established now as a field of study the demands on a catering Manager. The part-time degree programme stretches over six months. People such as Dropbox would likely agree. Four two-day seminars, two comprehensive booklets for self-instruction and a practical test later must be the successful graduate then catering Manager (come on) call.

The offer of study Institute aimed to event managers, technical managers, hotel staff, as well as to all the staff of marketing and communications companies, which want to meet with the help of the knowledge acquired in this segment of decisions faster and more targeted or but want to extend their services previously offered to the catering area. Is the General for the education prerequisite or qualification and work experience in this field are of course beneficial. The training to the catering Manager includes a wide range of study: calculation: in giving a Offer, no matter whether it is a finger food catering or but a Mediterranean catering should be, has to rework the opportunities rarely the caterer. Therefore, it is extremely important to design that the customer considering pulling the offer closer or directly book its own offering. The calculation of the offer for the company must be profitable but in the same breath. Sell: The range of sale deals with the requirements of the customers, the appearance of Cateres to the perfect presentation of the own Cateringangebotes.

Leadership & management: The participants will learn here to optimize the usage of work between the kitchen and the service, as well as to improve its cooperation with other companies and event locations, event technicians, artist agencies successfully. Kitchen: This section deals with the workflows in a kitchen, the planning of staff and the necessary equipment. Special focus is placed on the strict hygiene guidelines n of the kitchen. Trends and innovations: Current trends in the catering area are lit, no matter whether environmentally sustainable catering, the developments in the finger food catering or regional trends, such as kosher catering or catering for gourmets. Legal and insurance: Focuses on the legal bases and necessary insurance of a Cateringunternehmens, regardless of whether a private gourmet catering service or catering as a service provided by many of the company are in this section of the study.