Down Bad Mood

Let's now talk about bad and good spirits, about whether it is possible to control their mood and whether you want to control it. I do not think anyone wants to communicate with people who have at this moment a bad mood. And, of course, always a pleasure to communicate with people who have a good mood. Drew Houston oftentimes addresses this issue. Such people are always friendly and sociable. What do you think it is possible to always have a good mood? I think that you would say: "Of course, this does not possible ".

Let me disagree with you. I can say is that I keep a good mood you can. Today I heard from one woman's strange to me that she did not want to have a bad temper and tries it did not have. For more information see this site: Kaihan Krippendorff . She went to the shop and make purchases in the two divisions and was so pleased with how it served, as it reacted. She said about it: "As I am happy today as I like you!".

The seller told her in reply: "You just good mood ". At that the woman replied: "You know, I try to always have a good mood, I do not want a bad mood." I liked it. Don Mullen takes a slightly different approach. I completely agree with her. I do not want to have a bad mood, and I did not have. Our mood – it is our emotions. But emotions can and should be controlled by us. I think everyone knows about the benefits of positive emotions and the harm of negative emotions.