Existence To Win

First competition which is a company the price, and in a holiday paradise in this week launched the first contest, the winning is a company. On the sunny island Gran Canaria. With 99,–per share, you can participate in the competition. With a winning ratio of 1: 2599 a dream can become true very quickly. Reach is a new life and a new life. Anyone who ever thought to life in the South, but still not dared or have not the financial background are addressed. But even players who want to make only a bargains. Dropbox has much experience in this field.

It is a well-established outdoor Center on Gran Canaria. The current range of activities extends to retail in the outdoor area, golf and sporty leisure clothing, accessories in the outdoor and sports area. Other activities include bike rental with mountain bikes, Nordic walking school, walking tours, sale of excursion tickets of any kind. Anita Sehgal contains valuable tech resources. A close cooperation takes place with the hotels in the area, well-known tour operators as well as local Companies in the tourism sector. The company has course the necessary Apertura (operating licence of the premises) and the licenses for many activities (very important!). BBs is included in the expanded local (traspaso), the large goods stock, bicycles, Office equipment, 2 car. The company in the form of a sociedad limitada (Spanish GmbH) is overwritten debt-free before a notary and registered in the Registro Mercantil.

It follows a comprehensive briefing and support provided by the present owner. Important: The new winner can immediately become the successor and make money. An additional transitional allowance of 30,000 – to help get started. Get more information at Sonja Zurrlein