Forex Trading Strategy

In this article, I suggest the reader to participate with me in creating a trading strategy. Main Article task to demonstrate how, with proper approach, you can create a workable trading strategy, even relying on simple tools of analysis or dependence. Despite the fact that the material of the article is teaching character, research that we conduct here can give promising results. The idea to build this trading strategy came to me quite a long time, but until now no time to subject it to Tests to check for consistency.

In this article I will demonstrate the process of creating our new strategy, announced to her all the necessary conditions and opportunities to achieve profit. Readers, in turn, I suggest themselves to carry out all tests and inspections that will need to do to give a final conclusion on the consistency of our established strategy. Basis for our future strategy, we take One well-known to all dependency, she also is a condition for opening positions in the market. But to make it more clear what will be discussed, let us first consider the formation of candles, which are used to analyze price charts, virtually any financial market. According to the process of forming candles, they can be divided into 3 types: 1) The first type in the process of forming a candle price in the early going in one direction, forming a ‘first’ shadow then the price returns to the point of opening a candle and punching it goes in the direction opposite from the original motion (Fig.