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New material standardisation and new designation for metallic materials in Europe at the time cast the national standards for 27 European countries into European standards. This process has largely been completed. The sometimes quite complicated and not systematically associated standards are grouped in meaningful order. The naming in the steel materials depends on the intended use. Standardisation based on the English language provides S, shorthand for steels for pressure vessel steels P and for machine structural steels S. Furthermore is has been used for these steels naming the yield strength. This is true both for flat products, long products and pipes. The chemical composition, some with multipliers, as the basis for the naming is intended for alloy steels.

The high-alloy steels, the previous designation system was usefully retained after the material number. With regard to these materials, there are serious changes. So the steel S355J2 is no longer automatically normalizes (there is no longer the St52-3 developed in Germany, which was the equivalent). There are classes for the ability to galvanize, basically the equivalent of the carbon must be specified using IIW formula. The thickness ranges and mechanical properties have been harmonised.

Some material groups are accepted with thickness ranges, that can probably never be rolled. In the pipe area, there were serious new specifications. For example is used for naming only the outer diameter. Also, blocks were made of structural steels to stainless steels with the distinction seamless and welded. Some changes are called positive, some are technically and intellectually not to understand. In NE materials it does not retain the previous description using the 5-digit numbers of the material, but resorted to the American classification system E.g. in the aluminium sector. In the framework of the Conference, being held at the 17.03.2011 in Essen Haus der Technik, are all important Non-ferrous materials with their new titles and newly designed materials presented. Mr. Dipl.-ing made the management of the Conference. Jochen Adams, former ThyssenKrupp materials International GmbH, head of central technical sales/quality management, food. The Conference is aimed at: merchants, the dealing with the procurement of materials and technicians engaged in construction, processing and operation of machines and installations. The detailed programme of technology e.V.