Interpreting The Behavior Of Our Cat

Interpreting the behavior of our cat cats behavior problems are a common cause of concern for many owners of these pets. Many owners can identify abnormal behaviors in their cats, but define concretely what is normal behavior can be of great help. In general, the misconduct is the main cause of the abandonment of cats in shelters or on the street. The most common conflicts in coexistence with a feline have to do with the aggressiveness and the use of the box of sand or sanitary tray, which for many homeowners comes a point where you believe that I have tried everything and they can no longer tolerate the problem, and are led by this frustration and discomfort to leave your pet. In this situation we must remember the responsibility that we as owners, and deepen those conflict situations that are generated with our pets.

Is of utmost importance to understand and learn to differentiate between a normal behavior of our cat and an attitude or atypical strange, that may be caused, for example, in a pathology, or another underlying problem that we must help to solve. Cats often take several small meals a day. Normally, the size of each one of its intakes ranges between 10 and 20 grams, which would be tantamount to the intake of different parts of hunting during the day, so that we can understand this habit, and understand that their digestion is facilitated to eat several times in the day, sparingly. We should also consider that love cats to take NAPs during the day and night, although they tend to be very active during the hours of darkness. Some inexperienced owners often worry when your cat sleeps all the time. Although sometimes there may be a medical problem, in most cases it just a normal cat behavior.

Cats tend to cover their feces in litter box. Many cat owners worry when yours does. Is that most of the cats learn to do this of their mothers, so it If the cat has only been raised from very small, it is possible that you have not acquired that habit. To know what is a normal cat behavior it is possible to identify an atypical behavior in our mascot. Interested us in the performance of our feline we can appreciate the complexity of his personality in its entirety. Source: Press release sent by the cat at home.