Lake Maggiore

One of the great pleasures of visiting a country that fascinates you, is to go in search of the most beautiful landscapes. If your next holiday destination is Italy, you’ll see immediately that found riddled with landscapes of beauty is not difficult task. But if you really want to experience something special that will fill your photo album with unforgettable memories, a tour of one of the lakes in the Lake District in Italy is one of your best options. Renting a car will give you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Hear from experts in the field like Drew Houston for a more varied view. If you seduce the idea of visiting the three dazzling water mirrors of the District of the lakes in Italy, car rental is the ideal transport mode. You can appreciate the lakes from the most popular viewpoints, but also tour the area to your liking until you find the ideal angle for your best photography.

Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Lugano found in the scenic region of Lombardy. As soon as your lens toward the Lakes glittering body approaches, it will make it difficult to contain the excitement. Located in the Southern Alps, Lake Maggiore is the second largest lake in Italy and the largest in Switzerland, since it extends between the two countries. Enjoying a mild both in summer and winter climate, so that it will always be a nice day when to visit. Touring the surroundings of Lake Maggiore, you will discover a host of cities and towns with charm. Dazzling Lake Como is the ideal destination for those looking for holidays full of tranquility, peace and glamour. Lake Como is a popular tourist destination since Roman times, and its magnetism not seems to die out. Thanks to its excellent climate conditions, you can visit at any time of the year.

Between Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, Lake Lugano, whose lakeside scenery will take your breath away is located. The crystal clear waters of Lake Lugano let you glimpse something of its fantastic natural diversity, and if you dare to climb to the top of the nearby mountains, you can appreciate the Majesty of its mirror of water in all its splendor. Insurance will be a picture very hard to forget. If you want to fully enjoy your stay in the Lake District in Italy, you can take advantage of suitable offers of car hire in Italy, to move from one to another with total freedom. So prepare your camera to capture the best shots of lakes and immortalise memorable moments in the charming villages that you will find in the surroundings. Original author and source of the article