Maintenance Services

Who has not had a customer that came to us control with his endless modifications or who thought that our maintenance services didn’t have any surcharge, for this reason it is important that we take certain forecasts to avoid bad understood and so coping with our commercial relationship with them in a professional and cost-effective way. It doesn’t matter if the project is large or small, or if customer is male or female and less if it is someone known or not, the issue is that misunderstandings will always be the order of the day, ready to assault us from where you least expect, finishing many times with good relationship with our client. So to not put at risk the friendship or commercial relationship with our clients, in addition to our profitability of the project, it is best always take estimates of the case and make things clear from the beginning of formal and detailed manner. Now let’s 8 recommended forecasts to avoid bad understood with our clients: clearly specify when you start the project is recommended leave specified in our offer of services written, the project development time begins to run from the day of receipt of the advancement of our fees (more days, fewer days). Continuously support you in your offer of services once initiated the development of the project, your offer of services changes its status to development guide, whose main utility will keep accused the objectives, capabilities and expectations of the project according to its initial planning referred to in your financial offer. A small change of idea or adding arising might not seem very significant cost to the customer, but for us it could represent a different conceptualization, or a radical change in the logic of variables of our programming, in the end a labour charge not referred, that is why we must learn to support us continuously in our offer of services, knowing recognize when and in which aspects we can be flexible.