Monthly Bulletin

Also, unemployment was the highest since June 2000, suggesting that the United Kingdom is deepening its crisis. The minimum record book at 1.3713, were not recorded minimum 7.5 years ago, so many buyers were drawn, but no one knew for sure if the buyers were long or short. The maximum record book in Asia in the 1.4025 area, stops in the 1.4000 found. The maximum recorded EURO in Asia in the area of 1.3019, before falling after publication of the scheduled events, the PPI fell slightly, and then, the euro recorded its lowest rate in the area of 1.2845. Low operating volumes probably exaggerated the move.

The level of support, however, is being held in the area of 1.2850. Then the pair recovered to trade at 1.2950 early in New York. USD / JPY fell, remaining below the zone of 90.00, lowest in recorded 89.61 and after the start of New York, the pair was under pressure. MSCO may find this interesting as well. It is estimated that the pair will find support in the 89.20 area, if the stock market improved in New York during the day, the pair will surely exceed 90.00. In my view, the USD is consolidating gains.

Today the U.S. data are scarce, so it looks more double-action, then the news will be negative for the USD for the rest of the week is estimated. GBP / USD Resistance 3: 1.4600 Resistance 2: 1.4520/30 Resistance 1: 1.4450 New York: 1.3749 Support 1: 1.3700/10 Support 2:? Support 3:? Need one? The pair fell sharply, while large amount of pounds sold. Data published by the night were neutral, the British banking crisis adds pressure. Were recorded did not meet minimum 7.5 years ago. Hear from experts in the field like Randall Mays for a more varied view. Can you test that the support area at 1.3850 and 1.3780 and minimum of 1.3713. Operating volumes remain low. Thursday: All times EASTERN (-5 GMT) 6:00 a.m. GBP CBI Industrial Order Expectations Resistance 3: 1.3200/10 Resistance 2: 1.3180 Resistance 1: 1.3100/10 New York: 1.2915 Support 1: 1.2850 Support 2: 1.2800/10 Support 3: 1.2780 Remarks The pair traded in both directions despite the fall of the pound, the support area seems to be around 1.2780. You might be forming in the top 1.2850 jumped twice since then. There was a low volume of operations. Sovereign states were observed trading. The technical level remains at 1.3300. From here is expected to jump. Aggressive traders can buy at the next floor.