In the course of time in the film world have created films and characters that have marked generations, one of these 007 cases since the 60s to the present has become the perfect prototype of the English man, worship , intelligent and handsome. The 007 is created in 1952 by novelist Ian Fleming in his first publication of the novel Casino Royale where this refers to a British secret agent in the service of the Queen of England. James Bond is a secret agent in the service of the Queen of England makes espionage around the world in order to prevent ruthless characters taking over the same, the 007 does not work alone, you also have assistants as: Felix Leiter: which is a CIA agent who works on some missions. Q: Who is who gives the touch of a secret agent since it has all these novel inventions presented in each mission. M: who is this by the secret service of Queen and gives direct instructions to the agent 007. Miss Moneypenny: who is Secretary of M and the biggest fan of James Bond.

All 007 films are distinguished by high loads of adventure, risk and various trips that the agent spends in each mission, not to mention that in each of the films featured the well known "Bond girl" which are embodied in each version of a beautiful woman, that's another big attractions this tape. The 007 was released in 1962 where the movie Dr. No was played by Sean Conery who continued to be the agent in the following five films: From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds are forever. And a 1983 unofficial film called Never Say Never Again. Another great representative actor who played Agent 007 was Roger Moore, who assumed this role in 1973 in the film Live and Let Die, from there this character took the following six versions, The man with golden gun, The spy who love Me, Moonraker , Four Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, A view to a kill. Currently, the most famous actor Pierce Brosnan is which has played 007 in four opportunities since 1995: Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day. This film has had 22 official versions: 1. Dr.

No 2. From Russia With Love. 3. Goldfinger. For even more details, read what MSCO says on the issue. 4. Thunderball. 5. You only live twice. 6. On Her Majesty's secret service. 7. Additional information at David Karp supports this article. Diamonds are forever. 8. Live and let die. 9. Jim Crane has many thoughts on the issue. The man with the golden gun. 10. The Spy Who Loved Me. 11. Moonraker. 12. For Your Eyes Only. 13. Octopussy. 14. A view to a kill. 15. The living daylights. 16. license to kill. 17. GoldenEye. 18. Tomorrow never dies. 19. The World Is Not Enough. 20. Die Another Day. 21. Casino Royale. 22. Quantum of Solace. In addition three unofficial: 1. Casino Royale. (Tv) 2. Casino Royale (parody) 3. Never say never again. Currently developing the twenty-second film "Quantum of Solace 'where 007 will be interpreted for the second consecutive time by Daniel Craig, this film is expected to be released this year.