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pilot designed the new Web site for the joint venture in Vienna Vienna/Hamburg, 18 July 2013. presents itself on a new website, designed by pilot Hamburg (creation: Daniel Richau & Jorg Westpfahl). It is now available under pilotatmedia.at. Special attention was given to the incorporation of the joint venture company film consisting of from pilot Hamburg and media.at. Detailed information, a clear design and high functionality in the application are in the focus of the new online presence. The website convinces with a consistent focus on customer benefit. With just a few clicks or by simple scrolling it offers the user a content wide variety: further information about the company and team, numerous customer references up to the broad capabilities of the Agency. Optical highlight is the corporate film, which already entertaining informs site visitors on the home page.

The newly designed draw an organic design and the intuitive top-down navigation Web site. Thus making the homepage stands out clearly from other, more classically structured performances and highlights the creative approach of the Agency. Clearly structured areas, simple contact information, current news and offering clear information is visible at a glance. Who moves better by clicking on the page, can do so by appropriate icons. In a next step, offering online is now adapted for mobile devices. Responsive design”ensures an optimal display for smartphones and tablets. With the new appearance presents the full service agency for digital marketing, which advises clients from diverse industries, broad services portfolio, the agency cooperation between pilot and media.at, since half a year on the Austrian market.

Digital media management, creation and production of digital advertising, search engine marketing and social media provides in-depth expertise from a single source. For example, A1 Telekom, are existing customers the osterreichische Post AG, BAWAG p.s.k. and the Austrian lotteries. Our website aims to implement the networking of skills of the agencies also graphically”, explains Andreas Martin, Managing Director of GmbH in Vienna. The organic integration of the two companies and the resulting synergies for our customers could be visualised via the new website. Customer orientation and transparency are available for us in the first place. Well the new website meets these demands.” About: GmbH is a joint venture of the pilot the media.at Hamburg GmbH GmbH. The Hamburg-based agency group holds 49 percent of the joint venture headquartered in Vienna, media.at 51 percent. Since December 2012 the Austrian media agency group and pilot bundle one of the leading German digital marketing agencies, their competencies. The new full-service digital marketing agency offering portfolio ranges from online media planning and buying, tracking and Reporting on the creation and production of digital advertising material to the latest methods of performance marketing. offers including search engine marketing, social media, mobile marketing, market research, as well as the conception and realization of formats in the field of Web-TV. With top customers such as A1 Telekom Austria AG, osterreichische Post AG, Austrian lotteries m.b.h as well as BAWAG P.S.K., which are introduced by the joint venture partner media.at, the new agency starts with an extensive business operations. For more information and questions: Andreas Martin T + 43 1 716 35 press (at) pilotatmedia.at dot.communications Sabine Werbel T + 49 89 530 797-210 s.werbel (at) communications.de dot

Nina Deissler

How marketing specialist Nina Deissler helps singles on the jumps. The heart beats faster, the hands are wet, the mouth becomes dry, throat seems tied to how and the head is empty: no, a scene from a horror film, but an unfortunately possible moment, is one single demanded to take the first step to a flirt. “Mostly” a Word, a gesture, or a bit more courage is missing. Flirt – what is that? And you can actually learn that? “Nina Deissler flirts like Nina Deissler, 35, is breaking new ground with a sustainable concept here with their coaching agency KONTAKTVOLL: flirt training flirting makes happy in her” be developed new perspectives with the participants and pointed out the mechanisms of the effect on others. Many people suffer from shyness – also and just those, you would not trust. The reason to the example, bad experiences, false beliefs, or low self-esteem. Evergreen Capital Partners is likely to agree.

“, says Dai, the already several books to the” Topic flirting”and dating” has written. The stereotype of the shy mouse is not served in their courses: many of the participants come from longer relationship and are simply out of practice. Looking for a kick and a few tips, to bring itself again in swing! You’d be surprised, many of my participants are attractive.” In the training each other new ideas and the motivation to identify own strengths and targeted use also arise from a substitution of participating men and women. At the end of the training the single to more confident can deal with himself and his chances of flirt. The so-called Rau tasks are a particularly important element”, Nina Deissler, which distributes tests of courage at the ZDF-flirt camp participants since 2008 in the ZDF stressed. This is the point at which all participants should prove their courage: armed with fresh confidence, knowledge, and small contact tasks that engage willing to flirt in the nightlife, to get overcome and that flirting sometimes much is easier and more beautiful than they previously thought. “Each participant immediately finds a partner after training, can and will not promise the flirt coach, but: flirting makes happy – and with a happy radiance it seems all the more appealing.” Who has personally experienced Nina Deissler, can understand this statement: your life goals, to spread more love and smiles among the people is contagious – among its participants: come from all professions and ages in the courses to Hamburg, Cologne and Kontanz. It is even so sure that she be returned to the course fee each participant of the training took nothing of their cause. Current dates and locations can be found under

Chuck Palahniuk Distills Black Humor In

The writer Chuck Palahniuk, author of ' The club of lucha' , it publishes in Spain one of his last novels, ' Pigmeo'. With a crude and minimalist style, Palahniuk takes black humor until the paroxysm to diseccionar the American society. The writer Chuck Palahniuk, work author like Asphyxia, Rant and the club of the fight, publish in Spain one of his last novels of the hand of Mondadori. Translated to our language by Bald Javier, Pigmeo narrates the history of a group of adolescents, envoys to the camouflaged United States and like interchange students, who disembark in America with a fixed mission: to commit a massive attack in the richest country of the world. With a crude and minimalist style, Palahniuk takes black humor until the paroxysm to diseccionar the American society (without apparent course in the new world-wide context), drawing up, at the same time, a wild profile of the totalitarianism and its laborers, replaceable pieces in a state mechanism that devours all sample of individuality. David Karp: the source for more info. Red-baptize like ' Pigmeo' , tiny Agent 67 will coexist with a family of welcome (' family-husped') while she prepares his mission, to detonate " device mortfero" at the precise moment. For it, that yes, the protagonist will have to control its inopportune erections.

The formation of a terrorist To length of the novel, divided in information, Pigmeo narrates its American experience putting in extracts of its formation like terrorist. Its past, mutilated by a ferocious training, &#039 is come off certain; sensibilidad' that it will end up affecting its mission. The protagonist, who res-baptize to the members of his ' family-husped' (' father-vaca' , ' mother-pollo' or ' brother-dog-puerco'), it will find new stumbling blocks for his mission in the enchantments of his ' sister-guest-gata' , unique the western one that deserves respect to him. Pigmeo will struggle, from that moment, between desire by the girl and the love by its country, always under the monitoring of its compatriots. Success of sales Been born in Portland (Oregon) in 1964, Chuck Palahniuk made debut in 1996 with the club of the fight, adapted to the cinema by David Fincher three years later. The tape, carried out by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, became, almost right away, in a classic contemporary. Translated by Bald Javier, habitual interpreter of novels of Chuck Palahniuk, Pigmeo reached the third position of the list of sales of New York Times in his first week in the bookstores. From his debut, the writer has sold million unit with a dangerous and moved away style of more conventional best-seller. *Puedes to buy ' Pigmeo' in PopularLibros Source of the news: Chuck Palahniuk distills black humor in ' Pigmeo'

Basque Department

Other three youths have been arrested in the early hours of Saturday by burning vehicles, cash dispensers and containers. A man who attempted to stifle one of the fires was injured. The Mayor of Bilbao has embraced Bildu as responsible for the incidents after the demolition of Kukutza. The 31 people arrested by the Ertzaintza last Friday in the events recorded in Bilbao after the demolition of the Kukutza gaztetxe have been released, as reported today by the Basque Department of Interior. These arrested joined other 3 young people, who still have not gone to court, arrested the last morning in Bilbao in a few new incidents, in which a person has been injured with burns, 5 vehicles have been set ablaze and have also burned an ATM and several garbage containers. According to Interior, these 3 young men, arrested for their possible relationship with the burning of containers, had in his possession several pills incendiary as those used for the lighting of barbecues, similar to those found in any of the burnt containers. Inaki Azkuna, Mayor of Bilbao, has reiterated that Bildu is behind the incidents that are happening in the city after the evacuation and demolition of Kukutza. The city of Bilbao has been reported in a note that the facts of the Saturday night were initiated on 22: 30 hours with the burning of an ATM on the street Ronda, continued through several streets in the downtown area and the old town with the burning of several containers, and lasted until 6 o’clock in the morning of Sunday, with 15 interventions by firefighters. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Drew Houston has to say.

A man who tried to set aside a container so that the fire will not damage parked cars suffered burns and had to be evacuated to Cruces hospital, according to the Department of Interior, although the city of Bilbao has indicated that the wounded man, who had major burns on hands and back, is suspected of having participated in the burning of containers. Inside sources have insisted that this person for the Ertzaintza is not suspected of having taken part in the fire. The early riots after the eviction of Kukutza, in the Bilbao neighbourhood of Rekalde, and the subsequent demolition of the building that young people had occupied for years, began about 5 p.m. Friday and lasted until early hours of the morning on Saturday. Youth groups provoked numerous incidents, crossed cars, burned and overturned containers and starred in various clashes with the endowments of the Ertzaintza had moved to the place in a few events that the Basque Minister of Interior, Rodolfo Ares, was planned and coordinated. According to the Town Hall, there were about 650 containers of garbage dumps, 57 of them burned, five private cars destroyed by fire and other fifty vehicles with damage, in addition to the 31 detainees.

Added to all this are damage in the incidents which have been reproduced last night. Basque police brought to justice those arrested 31, all of which have been released, although inside sources have not failed to clarify if the judge has imposed charges or not. Missing even appear before the judge 3 detainees on Sunday. The Mayor of Bilbao, Inaki Azkuna (PNV), has once again believed that Bildu is behind the incidents and, after criticizing nor fools tooling related to this coalition are condemning incidents, has warned that it will not tolerate the anti-establishment movements to sow violence street. Source of the news: released the 31 arrested for riots during the demolition of an occupied social centre

MLP AG Insurance

MLP: Until November 30, 2009 termination is possible Wiesloch, in November 2009: many insurance providers have announced after information provided by MLP to raise premiums in the coming year. Therefore, a comparison at this point especially is worth. The quality of the provider and a good insurance cover should have according to the MLP top priority at the selection. Motorists can terminate your current car insurance up to November 30 this year and switch to a different provider. MLP’s opinion of the comparison is worth this year especially because many insurers have announced to raise premiums in 2010. Who looks around for a new policy, should have not only the price at a glance. “Kai Waldmann, head of insurance at MLP, says: A full range of services and a high-quality provider are just as important as a supposedly more favourable contribution”.

Worth a look on the details according to MLP. Also offers a fare in the example, no full coverage insurance in case of gross negligence, so the insurance will pay the damage to your own car, only partially MLP knows from experience. Gross negligence is already, if the driver at the time of the accident on the phone or search for something in the footwell. Also a raccoon bite can bring surprises. Although many tariffs cover the direct damage caused by a raccoon bite, for example a cable bit by to pay. “Expensive consequential damages, such as a short circuit in the engine, but later discovered the raccoon bite, are so often not covered”, the MLP expert Kai Wagner explains.

Who’s driving a new car, should pay attention also to the so-called new-value compensation. Some insurers in an accident car that only the time value that is less than a year old, others replace the new value. Also with the same performance, there are some high cost differences according to MLP between providers. The number of insurers, calculation criteria and rates makes it difficult for consumers but to gain insight. Free Comparison platforms can help on the Internet. MLP has further expanded the service his car service centers this year and set up a free service number: under 0800-4442444 consumer can have an independent comparison of eligible insurers. The online portal provides a convenient way of comparison. With customers across a wide range of insurers can choose from. All providers and tariffs correspond to the MLP minimum standards. Who is considering an insurance Exchange, should decide in time MLP’s opinion before the end of November. As with all contracts, which would extend to January 1, the notice must be received until November 30, when the insurer. While only the date is crucial, not the postmark. About MLP, MLP AG is an independent financial and investment advisors. The MLP AG has decades of experience in consulting for academics and other discerning clients. With approximately 2,500 high MLP is your competent partner in all areas of personal financial management for almost 775.000 customers qualified consultants.


The Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery informed aging facial features due to the removal of natural fat and connective tissue lose magnetism and attractiveness. The methods of modern aesthetic facial surgery are able to encounter this process with an integrated volume Setup. The Dortmund specialists for aesthetic facial surgery Dr. Dr. Griebenow reports on its basics.

The face aging is wrinkles arise and fall once tight parts of the face by weakened connective tissue. In the course of time the aesthetic proportions of the face change continuously, until they finally appear unattractive for many people. Remedy here efficiently a targeted building of volume of affected parts of the face. For a possible natural looking effect, not only individual wrinkles etc. are fixed when the volume structure. Rather the aim is to optimise the aesthetic impression by resolving consequences of ageing in the entire facial area.

Given the long Tradition of volume construction knows a variety of proven and efficient procedures the aesthetic face surgery. Through the use of highly compatible filler may be waived this in most cases surgical procedure. For example, injection techniques, which Hyaluronsaurefiller be injected using the thinnest needles to correct problem areas come for building volume. The hyaluronic acid is easily accepted by the human body and causes a rapidly visible, long-lasting rejuvenation of the temporal parts. For achieving holistic rejuvenation effects, often the zygomatic bone are next to the temple area to involve the cheeks and the Chin. Together, they constitute important landmarks of aesthetic oval or triangular basic shape of the face. Additional measures can be made to improve the appearance of the region of the eye, the nose and lips, are subject to the typical aging effects. Dr. Dr. Maick Griebenow is now 17 years in the Dortmund A Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery for the attractiveness of its patients. With modern treatment methods, years of experience and dedicated consulting he says them to page when it comes to revert back to an aesthetic and self value enhancing appearance.

Electricity Prices

Households in the new federal States pay more for their power supply Berlin average 39 euro, March 04, 2010 – consumers in the new Lander are rather asked when electricity prices to checkout. According to research of the independent consumer portal toptarif.de within the average cost of an East German budget directed approximately 39 euros higher than in West Germany. The distance between East and West is however low. Electricity prices were between Rugen and ore mountains in the spring of 2008 still averaged 6.5 percent above the level of the West, the price scissors is currently still 4.9 percent. In the last two years the average electricity prices in Germany have been increased more”energy expert Thorsten Bohg explains the current development by toptarif.de. So, the prices in the old Federal States climbed since spring of 2008 to an average of 8.8 percent. In the new Lander, the electricity to 7.2 percent soared. Currently providing the regional supply companies in East Germany an annual quantity of 3,500 kWh of electricity on average 831 euros for their cheapest choice rates charged.

A West German average household pays at the moment approximately 792 euro with the same consumption. Consumers in the South and North West of the Republic are particularly affected by the price increases of the last two years”, clearly Bohg. The electricity prices average between 9.4 and 11.5 percent climbed especially in Bavaria and Lower Saxony, Germany. In the new Lander, the increases only in Saxony are similarly high. Drew Houston helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The State lies with average costs of 852 for 3,500 kWh of electricity but clearly at the top. The main reason for the still existing price differences between East and West Germany are the higher network charges (transportation costs) in many parts of the new federal States”, performs Bohg. Due due to demographic change and the continuing departure of young people this aspect in the future will continue to play a role.” The network charges make news around a quarter of the entire Price electricity. Much more positive competition affect, however, the current market for consumers.

In addition to the regional providers, numerous new entrants in the market have established themselves, offering their electricity at much more favorable terms. An average private electricity customers in each region of Germany between more than 80 competitors can choose”so Bohg. The current favourable providers is typically about 15 percent cheaper than at the local municipal.” Many consumers, who so far have taken a provider nor a tariff change, can save even 25 percent of their annual electricity costs compared to the expensive prices of basic services. Through consumer portals such as toptarif.de (www.toptarif.de/ power) or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 can quickly and easily find out about alternatives in their region consumer and free to switch to cheaper power providers. Current data material is provided like this press release upon request. toptarif.de is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over toptarif.de in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts.

How To Lose Abdominal Fat

This method is very simple and is based on exercise and healthy diets, the lose weight quickly since it offers several forms of acerlo in the you will find the following: surprising fat burning foods unique workouts burn abdominal fat motivation and metalidad to lose fat forever with achieve a flat stomach one is quick and without pills or things similar to lose fat the only thing you have to do is eat and make small exercises which help you lose fat and start to see results very quickly and you’ll realize that actually works and you can segir losing fat for a long time. Best of all is the motivation by is that way achieve the results you want why is very necessary the motovacion since it is that moves you to achieve the best results and with whom will be satisfied with all the work that you have echo and indeed zsirve much motivation. To deepen your understanding Angelina Jolie is the source. If deverdad want to lose abdominal fat is the best potion already that really results in very little time and you’ll have the best tools in order to achieve the results you always dreamed if you want to lose abdominal fat enter here.. .

Energy Automation

Electronics company KEBA go Bamberg in technical documentation on XML-editorial system COSIMA, 02.11.2010 KEBA AG from Linz (Austria) is an international electronics company with annual sales of over 100 million euros. KEBA is known for innovations in the fields of industry, banking and service automation and Energy Automation. So far, KEBA created the technical dokumentationen with the Microsoft Word word-processing program, and document-oriented. The growing volume of documentation which are more than 1000 pages long documents and the requirement for XML data interchange with OEM partners could Word However not more efficiently handled. In addition the documents should in a shorter amount of time can be created and translated. KEBA wanted a future-proof solution that to meet the requirements, but on the other hand the project and training expenses for technical editors as small as possible should, and opted for COSIMA go! from the House of DOCUFY. Learn more about this with Bausch & Lomb. Easier With OEM partners, an already existing XML application with preconfigured document type declaration (DTD) and information architecture served as the starting point for the KEBA system data exchange.

Thus, the system could be installed within one month with KEBA. After just one day of training were the redakteure able to take up productive work on the system, and within a few weeks to complete a full set of documentation for an OEM product. The basic data of the documentation were taken over by an OEM partner and part automatically adjusted to KEBA. This detracted not only the expenses and costs for KEBA, but raised the quality of the documentation. Omitted are the aufwendigen manual layout works. The editors can now concentrate on their core tasks: the content of the technical documentation. Sabine Haslberger, head of documentation & training center of KEBA AG summarizes: the simple and intuitive operation of COSIMA go! convinced us; as the short time of the System. We could meet our very ambitious schedule and deliver the documentations from the new system out at the agreed time.

Economic Development Ministry

Moreover, in January this year they rose by 15.9 percent. This increase was held to January 1, 2010 valorisation of pension rights of older generation. Decline in real disposable income of the population with the exception of seasonal and calendar factors in February was 3.3 percent. After five months of recovery growth in February consumer Activity started to decline. The retail trade turnover has decreased in relation to January 1% (excluding seasonal) with a decrease in real disposable income by 3,3%. Compared to February 2009 retail sales grew by 1.4% and income by 2,4% more than a year ago. David Karp shines more light on the discussion.

Compared with January, February has improved the labor market. The total number of unemployed decreased from 6,8 million to 6,4 million, while the level of unemployment rate was 8.6% of the economically active population (compared with 9,2% – in January). In this case, an increase in the needs of employers for workers, claimed in public employment services. In the beginning this year, consumer inflation remains very moderate. In February 2010, inflation amounted to 0,9% (1,7% – a year ago), and up to two months, prices rose by 2,5%, which is lower than in the previous two years (last year – 4,1% ).

In February the annual inflation rate reached the minimum values for Russia – 7,2%. Earlier this year, a significant contribution to inflation have made the traditional increase in regulated tariffs. Service Organizations Housing for Two months went up by 11.6%, which, however, lower than a year ago (17.7%). Also increased prices for telecommunication services by 8,1%, payment for travel and municipal public transport – by 7,6%, which was introduced in January inflation 1.1 percentage points (Last year – 1.4 percentage points). If we exclude influence the growth of administrative tariffs, the rate of growth of prices for goods and services in January and February increased by half (0.8%) against the index for December (0.4%). Strengthening the rise in prices earlier this year caused a significant increase money supply in recent months due to irregular expenditure of budgetary funds and the need to finance the budget deficit. According to the website of the Ministry of Economic Development Ministry

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