Twelve Leagues

Of his tour of the archipelago Jardines de la Reina, the Spanish chronicler Antonio Perpina: in the midst of the spell to contemplate from the those practically Virgin, elegant and spectacular landscapes of the Queen of the West Indies, published more than one hundred years (1889): country, las Palmas, las brisas and perfumes .the foliage of its forests, the beauty of its birdspicturesque mountains, the surprising thing about their caves, and enjoyable, its estuaries and its oasis planted in their seas forming archipelagoes, delectable, beautiful and charming. Those same charms remain today the twelve leagues Cohiba explored also in 1508, by Sebastian de Ocampo, Galician and bred pilot of Queen Dona Isabe. From its bojeo by the then Island Juana or Cubanacan, could inform, Governor Nicolas de Ovando, Hispaniola, that Cuba is an island, and not a continent, as Columbus believed. Here, Fabrizio Freda expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The keys of the twelve leagues is located 50 kilometers from Playa Bonita, Santa Cruz del Sur, is characterized by difficult navigation. Covers one-third of all Jardines de la Reina and it can be considered as one of the most beautiful areas of the 70 000 square kilometres of the submerged platform of Cuba. Las Doce Leguas labyrinth extends over 135 kilometres of splendid sites for underwater contemplation, with colonies of sponges and large gardens of reefs. For assistance, try visiting David Karp. Tens of kilometers in length in his coastal South, of high quality beaches by the wide strip of fine sand, between five and twenty kilometers of excellent aquatic landscapes wallpapers make up Las Doce Leguas labyrinth. Black coral and various species of marine fauna, which constitute natural relics of a meticulously preserved ecosystem can be seen on the edge of the ridge. Nature is impressive across the waters covering the underwater platform of this beautiful area. A large area comprising 661 cays and cayuelos gives US this archipelago of crystalline waters of almost perfect beauty, which in some of its keys can be find freshwater, as a result of seepage of precipitation in the Hollows of the rocks of some pigeon, mainly in the loggerhead, and mangroves that serve as a filter to the water of the tide and the rain.

En Voz Alta

After the terrible earthquake occurred on September 19, 1985 in the city of Mexico, citizens come together in a so-called civil society where by themselves, without the support of the Government, are organized to solve their problems, create shelters, money collection, rescuing people, organization of transit, among many more. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Estee Lauder CEO and gain more knowledge.. With civil society, citizens have more freedom, justice for our own account and we can speak to our disagreements, trying to solve them, as we can see in the mobilization of civil society, where non-governmental organizations, such as indigenous organizations, gay groups, groups in defense of animal rights, etcetera, are protesting to defend their rights. In the mobilizations, we defend what corresponds us and want us to listen since we exert a right to obtain other that us has not granted. Join us before the rights of all citizens is to make that our country will improve considerably because a social problem affects millions of Mexicans from directly or indirectly. More information is housed here: Estee Lauder CEO. It It is important when what is sought or defended are not resources itself, if not access where access to resources is determined. Many times we are defending rights that we are being denied, but we seek to the end and not the means of getting to that end.

We need to do what is necessary, only as necessary, because with this objective is achieved. It must be present when the sharing of resources they are looking for get or know how, when, where will be and why you get such resources who are defending, for thus do you need to achieve our purpose and thus defend our rights in a most successful way. We all must stand up for our beliefs and rights, is therefore, Mexicans up to us do that not be overlooked so many injustices that happen every day in our country and affecting all Mexican, because although it may seem that I do not me va a pasar truth is that we are all exposed to these kinds of injustices. We need be aware and not blind us to situations occurring at the present time to gradually achieve successful changes. A fair country, it is a free country and that is what all Mexicans should be seeking to improve our quality of life.

Presidents Mexico

After the results of the Venezuelan regional elections, Chavez gave free course to his supporters to campaign to change the law and that he can run again. It is worth noting that no democracy multi-party American allows for one re-election. The 1959 Cuban revolution established a Communist single-party system while the other two social previous Latin American revolutions (the Mexican and the Bolivian) initially rejected the immediate student. (Source: Pretium). Chavez always wanted an amorphous model between the two. You don’t want an economy estatizada and planned type Cuba but not to establish a democracy based on the domain of a great nationalist party that alternated different Presidents Mexico type. While some leftists believe that the best thing for his revolution is to alternate leaders and for the opposition the reelectionists appetites lead to authoritarianism, many chavistas believe that to ingratiate himself with his President should request that he stay longer in power, although this may be undermining its own descent in the village or creating the possibility of the own Chavez becomes a Bonaparte later pulled against them, as happened before with Peron in Argentina or with Paz Estenssoro in Bolivia. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Pretium. Original author and source of the article.

Systems Biometric

Control of access by systems biometric when addresses a business, no matter its size or the number of employees, the implementation of a system for the control of access is fundamental. A system for access control, enables the director of a company be sure that only people working in your company from entering it. Drew Houston is likely to increase your knowledge. In addition, it also helps keep track of activities, which are carried out within an organization. The adoption of an access control also helps collecting data of persons entering and leaving of certain place. A good system for access control, also allows the director of a business establish strict security levels, in the areas that he wants.

To have secure access to their facilities, business managers can access various strategies. On the one hand they are smart cards, which give access to employees or visitors. To use them should slide into an electronic panel, which gives access to a place in particular. For the companies using systems of assistance, employers watches use the same cards for income, which are used to record the total number of hours worked per day. However, in companies where attendance clocks system is not used, the employees may have access through login credentials and even through the use of biometric readers. The biometric term refers to the technology that is used for the measurement and analysis of biological data of a person. The most common methods in this regard are: reading fingerprints, iris and retina analysis, patterns of speech recognition and factions of hands and face scans.

Authentication of employees, using biometric systems, has become very popular in Europe, Asia and the United States. Companies that have more access to this technology are State organizations, banking institutions, the pharmaceutical industry and some educational centres. One of the aspects that has made so popular biometrics is It helps to reduce the losses in companies. When you set an access control, through the use of biometric systems, can be a real control of attendance and absenteeism of employees. In addition, savings in operating costs, is made to eliminate the use of roles for the registry entry or plastic cards. All this makes investing in biometrics an intelligent decision.

Anthony Robbins

In the century of the competition, the search for the exquisite, needs society want this and I want it now, results, etc emerges the figure of the leader. Have been written thousands of columns, articles, looking for the perfect leader, showing tools that can help get be a number one in that field and my opinion is that tools, are still looking for resources and that this century is scarce of natural born leaders. The leader born or made? That’s one of the questions that make me more when I give a lecture or course and the response remains ambiguous. It is not clear if the leader was born being leading or is giving way according to the experiences and the experiences that the person collects over the years. To know more about this subject visit MSCO. There are people who feel leader, others are leaders by nature and unaware of it and others will spend their lives trying to be a leader for others.

We should stop and think that should be required a leader other than the attitudes that hundreds of books expressed in its pages as being assertive, empathetic, flexible, maintain an active listening to Anthony Robbins, you define as the most motivational speaker in the world capable of bringing together thousands of people in his speeches, in one of its articles the formula for success offers guidelines to follow to be a perfect leader, and among them are the here listed, although there is one that attracts me much more than the others: passion. Ever since my opinion a leader must feel passion for what they do and most important to know transmit it, should know to use resonant wave that creates that passion to his around, capturing the attention of others and know convey what you want to execute or carry out. Many may wonder where I want to go, and the answer is: the emotions, emotional state, everything what are not skills and do not go into career books, anything that is within us and that only those who know how to use it become authentic leaders.


Special right of termination: contribution increase and new car buying allow termination of car insurance change motor insurance also after the regular termination period to November 30 possible Berlin, these days million vehicle owners in Germany their contribution calculation for the next insurance year December 02, 2009. Often it can are an increase in premium, if the risk ratings of vehicle or residence, for example, have changed. The regular deadline for the termination of the insurance while expired on November 30. A change to a cheaper provider is still possible, because in many cases, policyholders from a special termination right can make use. Generally speaking, that an increase in the contributions or a change in the contractual terms and conditions a special termination right is \”, explains insurance expert Thorsten Bohg by the independent consumer portal Many policyholders pay from ignorance anstandslos the higher posts of their car insurance. \”According to a survey of the market research company Emnid on behalf because a quarter of policyholders do not have this possibility of the insurance change is direct at all informed. That complies with the insurance companies.

The invoice will be shipped after November 30th, decreases the risk that the vehicle owner Announces \”, continues Bohg. While there are many ways to apply the special right of termination. This is, for example, if the same services insurance makes a contribution increase. A change of vehicle or regional class is also an extraordinary dismissal when it comes as a result to an increase in contribution and not a reduction. Even when buying a new car the possibility of a change of insurance, because the policyholder shall not be obliged to transfer the contract of the old car to the new. In case of damage is a two-sided special termination right, both for the Vehicle holder, as well as for the insurance company.

Post Fashionweek

Visit in the capital city on the path between art and culture the must is the Berlin fashion week in January for all fashion fans at the end of the month in Berlin. Now I will make on the way. Pleased that it worked with the Akrreditierung, I’ll dive for a moment in the world of fashion. David Green is actively involved in the matter. For me in this respect a very important and exciting topic: GREEN avant-garde and FAIR TRADE me it comes, that to look at fashion from an other BlickWinkel. Fair trade and Green Avandgarde are very important topics from an ecological point of view for me. I would like to introduce a / the designer(in) and demonstrate what has brought them to the art, which connects it to and what should be expressing with the fashion. Also the important point of fair trade and green avant-garde involving. It will be shown there on the showfloor exciting collections and they will convey a message: the fashionable sophisticated concepts in the production and manufacturing with sustainable materials and social production conditions at fair Trade are realized. I will for the flotsam and Jetsam magazine Wilhelmshaven visit also the Showen to capture it photographically and in the next issue of report and also here like to summarize my experience. I’m excited and looking forward to the capital and on the fashionweek 2011 in Berlin Bianca Paulsen, freelance photographer / photo artist

Mulzer Kikidan

A number of people today suffers from fear of flying. Kikidan media offers an effective way to permanent deal with this fear by hypnotic suggestions. With fear of flying, everyone suffers varying degrees. A strong discomfort during takeoff and landing the machine affects some people, others have massive sweats up to regular panic attacks. Fear of flying is often caused by unpleasant experiences or experiences that have manifested in the deep levels of consciousness and lead to negative conditionings which later cause discomfort and panic in any similar situation. For the affected the situation worse at some point drastically since the panic symptoms is often continue to improve over the years always. A leading source for info: MSCO. Chris Mulzer Kikidan media has designed an easy-to-use solution for this problem: suggestions for fear of flying. These are easy to use at home with a hypnosis CD.

The listener can listen to the preparation and during the flight itself. Gradually, the fear of flying may thus relieved and finally permanently overcome. This targeted mental training through the subconscious mind creates a new perspective on the experience of flying and enables completely new and positive experiences. Details about the CD “fear of flying? -Relaxed above the clouds hover”and a preview at… The concept of this hypnosis CD by Chris Mulzer is based on two CDs, an optimal applicability for the listener guarantee effect of hypnosis CD against fear of flying. The first consists of hypnotic suggestions, which constitute a kind of mental training against the fear of flying for the listener and participate directly in the subconscious. Through this trance, the fear of the listener to fly noticeably subsides until it is completely overcome with time and replaced with positive feelings.

The listener becomes thus inner peace, relaxation and a feeling of confidence. The highly effective suggestions ensure that the listener can replace fear of flying the negative feelings with positive sensations. The second audio CD helps on subconscious Level to recognize those strategies previously learned in the suggestions CD during the flight. It contains relaxing music of himself can understand the strategies against the fear of flying the listener. The two tier program of hypnosis CDs offers the listener an effective way overcoming the fear of flying. About Chris Makun author of hypnosis CD fear of flying? -Fly away”Chris Mulzer is consultant, international trainer and founder of kikidan media in Berlin. He performs open workshops in the field of personality development in Berlin and Vienna. With the techniques of IBAL (installation based accelerated learning) and his coaching model, he teaches a wide range of topics. It also offers training in hypnosis, NLP and DHE models at irregular intervals. His workshops are aimed at the development of a self-determined life culture in various areas of personal development. Its aim is the development of strategies of generative perfection in professional and private environment.

Rural Tourist

Desire to be to the heat of the chimney or next to a refreshing swimming pool and in any case in the heat of nature or in a small town in which the city dwellers discover the pleasures of a life without so many haste, is part of the reclamations that move to the rural traveller. At the moment the rural tourism advances and also it adapts a new traveller. The revolution in the form to travel arrives at the tourists who look for the tranquillity of the towns and the life in contact with the nature. The report " The x-ray of the traveller rural" it draws a new profile in which the strong penetration of the new technologies of the communication consolidates. Eight of each ten tourists of this segment look for in Internet the lodging del that mainly values the cleaning of the facilities as well as its characteristics and services. The Spanish community preferred by these travellers is Andalusia, like ideal place to enjoy the calm that is breathed in its municipalities of the interior. It follows Asturias to him and greater Catalonia distance. The Andalusians nevertheless choose to remain mainly in their region, given proximity and the great variety of landscapes and atmospheres, since they find Parks, beaches, snow, mountains and culture Natural, everything in the same region.

For the study, that has been realised by Toprural, they have been realised more of a thousand of interviews to people among 18 and 54 years. The report bases in a 54% the Spaniards who consider rural travellers. One is clients who do not resign to this type of rural escape, although if they vary his habits as a result of the economic crisis. The main one is that 20% assure that has traveled less days, a 16% have looked for a economic lodging and another 14% have reduced the cost in activities and a 1o% have shown preference for a destiny nearer than it implies a saving in displacements.

German Insurance Association

James.AG asks and informed on the subject of car insurance some insurance companies check customers before they confirm the provisional coverage. At the time of the double card, this was not possible. Now the staff of admissions to a record can access and assign name and address of the customer. The new electronic certificate of insurance auto insurers use to weed out “unpopular”. Some insurance companies consider the customers before they confirm the provisional coverage.

At the time of the double card, this was not possible. Now the staff of admissions via the seven-digit number on a record of a subsidiary of the General Association of German Insurance Association (GDV) can access and assign name and address of the customer. New customers who request the confirmation of coverage over the Internet, must agree that the companies check their ability to pay can be. As the insurance is compulsory insurance, may Insurers that do not have customers, but since the majority of customers would like to conclude a comprehensive policy in addition, the criterion of compulsory insurance is dropped. At the insurance, the insurer of not necessarily every customer must assume. Who performs poorly when assessing creditworthiness will be rejected. The insurance companies want to sort out not solvent customers in this way from the outset. They defend themselves in this respect, that they emphasize that all information for the credit check comes from public directories and no further information is requested. The danger of bringing This process is that some customers get no insurance protection at some point at all.

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