Lying on the bed wanting to do anything. One more turn gives the world and no one looks or interest. And so the lost soul is tied to a penalty turned … A sea without stars, the sky in darkness …

Present: I can not make someone love me, I can not turn their anger in bright silhouettes. Learn if, and only become a wing, a sword and love. Is there someone you can love? Who has the urgency for a hug? I confess that this exercise does not only depend on me, and I was sure that with effort that brotherly love will triumph even in the end. The rest will depend on the others. I learned that the more I worry about others, some will not do for me … If you have read about wendi murdoch nyc already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And so life, so is humanity, what will I do? It can take many autumns, requires much wisdom and patience to build trust in others and only an instant to destroy it.

I truly learned that life is worth much and that without respect and friendliness makes no sense this is called there. But, I lurk, that the conspirators of lies see this effort, romantic and futile … and cry when no one sees us as the poet … Sometimes silence then sound, hence the prayer and fellowship with the Father comforts the soul tired mockery of the scoffer and decorum. Do you understand me? “Nothing around me inspires me.”