Rodalben Phone

With the rhodium machine RM01, jewellery parts can be easily electrolytic degreasing and rhodinieren. The all-purpose small electroplating equipment comfort III and V is suitable for all common galvanic baths, for example, for electrolytic degreasing, color gold and gold plating baths, bright silver and rhodium baths or palladium baths. Other topics at the booth are the Nano tarnish, as well as water treatment plants. Last but not least, the online shop of C. Jackson is on the agenda: the revised offer under includes accessories for electrical equipment or precious metal electrolytes such as gold bathroom, Palladium bath, black ruthenium-plated bath and rhodium concentrate.

Complementary to electroplating surface C. Jackson, C. Jackson surface and electroplating is now more than 30 years as a guarantee of quality for products and services related to the surface and electroplating. Today, 35 employees Companies from the gold city of Pforzheim specializes in the refining of jewellery products, watches, glasses, coins and cutlery and offers also complete systems and equipment for the Kleingalvanik in addition to chemical products to their operation in addition to the electroplating. So are carried out in the own ultra-modern electroplating wage Veredelungen from small orders to mass-produced in most modern electroplating equipment and for various industrial fields. The range of C.

Jackson includes the optimization and development of precious metals and ignoble metal electrolytes, as well as the brand JENTNERCHROM for the gloss and Velourverchromen. The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2009. The website of the company provides more information.