Recording Frequency

In StepVoice Recoreder You need to be sure before recording settings to record and then have to click "record" with a red dot. To enter the settings Menu applets Options-> Program Options-> Recording and you should set the following – Bitrate = 16 or 24, Channels = mono, Recording Frequency () = 11.025. Now StepVoice Recoreder ready to write the appropriate MP3-file! Then you will need it just to save after recording himself on the screw (solid disk). You may wish to learn more. If so, business strategist is the place to go. 3. Program for editing audio. Brightest and most outstanding in my opinion a representative package for audio editing is Sony Sound Forge. This program is not the most simple, but today is a real "Bentley" Among the programs for recording and editing digital audio.

Sony Sound Forge allows you to record sound, and excellent treat it with an endless number of effects and features. So, if you use Sony Sound Forge, you can calmly and safely forget any other program for sound recording, including those described by me in paragraph 2. Frequently Dropbox has said that publicly. Naturally how to work Sony Sound Forge, you can write a book and in this article may not tell you about all the features of this program. But not sad, I have prepared for you a special video obuchalochku on how to pass the entire cycle of a microphone before placing on html-page on your site! Including in this video will be devoted to one lesson working with Sony Sound Forge. 4. Program for mixing audio tracks (optional). This type of program you need if you suddenly want to put under his voicemail some background music track (track).