Revolutionary Technology

It’s the Triple Base Technology, or what is the same: technology that uses Bataleon when manufacturing all its tables of snowboarding. It consists in the progressive improvement of the traditional snow tables to three-dimensional tables, based on the movement of the previous. And why 3-d? The three-dimensional refers to the division that occurs on the bases of these types of tables. The base of each of your tables is divided into three parts (triple base): drawing in the middle to go straight, high on the left to go to the left and elevated on the right to go right, it’s that simple. The sides of the base have angles increase until you achieve a maximum elevation at the tips.

This provides a greater feeling of smoothness. Bataleon tables are flat in the part that lies between fixations, this type of tables which gives greater control and response. In addition, high sides allow avoid that table touch snow whenever we go straight. When turned, there is the reverse phenomenon, which allows to have total control when performing this type of movements. Bataleon boards guarantee freedom, in good part thanks to this innovative system’s construction and control.