Football Lovers

The world’s longest coach Bank! A football club for fans. The primary objective of my German Football Association is to acquire a German Soccer Club and professionally by the fans / members to this. Other leaders such as Mark Stevens offer similar insights. The fans can talk not only about football, but actively participate in decisions at the Club. Vlad Doronin understood the implications. For many football fans a big dream come true. All friends of football thanks to a clever approach result in a yet-to-be determined Club in higher areas to have a say even in the decisions of the coach. Especially in today’s times, where highly paid football manager and slipped Club guides engage less and less to the interests of football fans, it is absolutely important that the fans themselves acquire a club also actively to enforce their interests.

The sport and humanity are in the first place. The catchy name my German football”should also as a guarantor for a reinforced Are fostering young footballer in the respective region. Is still completely open, which Football Club is accompanied. Together we are strong”, the motto of the initiators of the extremely interesting future project.


Professional membership promotion for clubs increasingly Hanover major disasters such as the floods in Pakistan or just a few months earlier complicate the earthquake in Haiti the implementation of everyday topics such as animal welfare and protection of children in fundraising and the membership drive for a club. After the experiences of the company specialized in membership promotion and social marketing you can service 94 GmbH against the background of topics such as animal welfare, child protection or environmental protection of the population harder convey great disasters and the media presence. At the information stands of 94 service GmbH for welcoming new members is focusing people on the issues significantly, which can observe them in the media. Against the background of the economic crisis, this leads to a restrained attention for the problems associated with the daily life. The biggest opportunities to motivate people to help, is still in direct talks. Otherwise they waving with regard to donations for victims of Major disasters off”, so the experiences at the information booths.

Since the beginning of the economic crisis, many particularly smaller clubs suffer declining membership and donation numbers. Major disasters also take the interest and many people are willing to help. Smaller clubs are engaged but mostly not in the rescue or disaster relief. The clubs are losing support. Through targeted discussions with the people at information booths for welcoming new members, 94 GmbH in the interest and on behalf of the Organization, however, controls the service. The Service94 GmbH with headquarters in Burgwedel employs over 125 staff in the field of promotion, membership promotion, public relations and fundraising. GmbH developed the service 94 strategies in collaboration with the associations as a principal for the long-term financing of the objectives of the clubs. Since the beginning of the company’s more than ten years history is the social commitment of the company and the employees who know their young, for example, in the own company kindergarten, supplied in the foreground of the company policy. Frank Kroll