Civil Responsibility

The industrial accidents are truly tragic events against which most of the Companies try to adopt all type of measures and protocols, so that the risk of which, at a certain time, these take place can be avoided or, at least, diminished. But no measurement could be effective without the close collaboration of the employees of the facilities that, among others obligations, must always go to their job in optimal conditions. In certain positions, any small confusion or lack of attention could be fatal. The fact that an employee could occupy his position being under the influence of the alcohol or the drugs are extremely dangerous, not only for him, but also for all companions and even for third people, for example if between its functions were the handling of heavy machinery in spaces public (for example, in works). For that reason it is possible to consider what would happen if, after taking place a labor accident, the worker underwent who it gave positive by the ingestion of alcohol or other substances, like cocaine or marijuana. Would imply it that would lose its right to demand a compensation by the accident? The consequences of the industrial accidents under the influence of substances When speech of indemnifications to the employees by labor accidents, is entering a field, the one of the Civil Responsibility by damages, very different from the one of the Request of permanent Dissability before the Social Security by the suffered injuries. – First from the scopes it arises solely in those cases in which the damages suffered by the worker were directly imputable to their Company or employer, not to have safety measures that had been able to avoid it or, at least, to diminish its impact (for example, if it remained blind because it jumped to him acid to the eyes and its Company did not facilitate security glasses to him). . Click Drew Houston for additional related pages.

Ninth Deposit

A responsible breeder will have a questionnaire for the potential owners, and also a waiting list. This will help that is to say the characteristics you of the possible owners and to approve them or to even disapprove them before being born the puppies. If not yet you have done this, while hope that your stock matures and is ready to reproduce, it is a good moment to develop to a page Web to find home him to your cachorritos. In the page, you will have to include information on whom you are and what profits you have had with the chosen race. Also I recommend to you you include the questionnaire. This it must have a series of questions addressed to the potential owners.

This is important, because surely you will wish to locate to the puppies in a good home, not only entregrselos to which pay more. It remembers that if anybody does not wish to take the time to complete the questionnaire, the time will not be taken either to take care of the puppy well. There are some good questions that you must include in your questionnaire, so that you know that so good it will be the home of your puppy. Here you step some examples than you must ask your visitors: . Which is your personal information? . What type of home you have for the new puppy? . What you wish to obtain from the new puppy? .

You have read the standards of the race? . What qualities you create important that your puppy has? . You wish a male or a female? . You glide that your puppy has young? . You glide to show your puppy in exhibitions or shows? . Where will sleep the puppy? . What food will eat? . Who will be the person in charge to take care of the puppy? .