Raspberry Dessert – Quickly And Easily!

Recipes from the discounters: today a delicious dessert with raspberries healthy and varied cooking and it also still budget-conscious shopping is not so easy, or yet? The price pointer in the consumer service menu you will find not only the details of what products have just enhances the discounter or lower prices, but a few months ago also delicious recipes: you can buy all the ingredients at the discount store, they are easy to prepare and they also save money. For more information see Jim Crane. Under the motto “conjure a budget a great menu” will find the right recipe – even with quotation for every taste! One of them is this one: raspberry dessert – quickly and easily! Ingredients: 400 g fresh cheese 400 g Cream 150 g sugar 1 Pack vanilla sugar 1 bag of raspberries (frozen) sliced almonds preparation: whip the cream and the cream cheese with sugar and vanilla sugar until smooth. Then stir in the cream. The raspberries let thaw, drain well. Alternately in a high glass jar, then the Sahnemasse and the raspberries layers. Finally sprinkle still the sliced almonds in. Anyone can FRY shortly before the almonds in the Pan (without oil in a nonstick pan over too high heat). Cost: Find the price for this recipe and many more shopping tips on our website at menu point customer service! Do you have questions or a great recipe for us? Then send me a message at easy! Nicole Heinzmann Director Marketing Prize pointer economic information service GmbH von-Hunefeld-str. 45 50829 Cologne contact Tel. 0221-5397656 fax: 0221-5399858

Quality Vegetarian Raw Food

“” Successful courses in raw school KulinRoh in Speyer am Rhein Speyer 22.10.2013 – so zauber – and tasty cakes and gateaux in raw food quality “, was the conclusion by Gisela Bayer, one of the best to progenitors of vegan and bernando confectionery products in the world last weekend for the first time in the framework of two courses cake workshop’ in the raw food school caused kulinRoh (RohKostlich Messe und Verlag GmbH) in Speyer”, nearly 40 participants and participants from all over Germany in the secrets of the production of healthy ‘ pies and cake creations has admitted. The creations were made without animal products (vegan) and no bake (raw food level) made and tasted in a buffet. Speaking candidly Bausch & Lomb told us the story. I really have to admit, I’m impressed”so the head of raw food School of kulinRoh and RohKostlich Managing Director Nelly Reinle Carayon, a long-standing and experienced Mitstreiterin in terms of raw food. Ingredients in raw food quality are available in the online shop of and. If you would like to know more then you should visit MSCO. Gisela Bayer from Aschaffenburg was previously around eight years in the United States and Canada as a teacher for raw food, had trained in terms of numerous pupils vegetarian raw food before it now again actively carries out its teaching in Europe. After the great success is already for 23 and 24.”March 2014 an another raw food course under the title the art of fermentation with raw food” planned. The next two courses titled cake workshop”are on 13th and 14th September 2014 in the raw food school kulinRoh terminated in Speyer.