Mexican Republic

In the 1970s the annual per capita consumption of wine in the Mexican Republic was a third part of bottle, rose in the Parthian 80 to three fourths of bottle to finish in the 1990s to two bottles. Few countries, few products on all our days, are confronted to such phenomenon of growth. Recalls that in 1980 the important O.I.V. (Office international wine) chose Mexico to celebrate its annual Assembly and its great Congress. This seventy Assembly General of the wine, the increasing quality of the wines was recognized worldwide Mexicans. At that time there were more than twenty companies producing wines (with more than eighty different brands) in the domestic market. After 1982, when the borders to foreign wines, were closed was registered a short bonanza for the Mexican winemakers.

In 1987 two million cases of wine were sold in Mexico (twenty-four million bottles of 750 milliliters). Of that figure, the ninety-eight percent was national wine. Wine producers are dedicated to export markets and increase the quality of their wines more than your quantity. New styles of wine, able to compete with those of Europe, California and Australia, have allowed to obtain white wines with aromas of fresh fruit and rich reds, with a deep color and intense flavors and aromas. Text of David Nava personally recommend the wines of Santo Tomas, Casa Madero, Mont Xanic and Cetto, which personally find me excellent wines which do not ask anything to the Spanish, Chilean, French, etc.. If you go to Queretaro, you can find a great quantity of table wine, bunkers and Christmas baskets at Maxxisuper, which is located in extension Zaragoza # 20 Col. Las PLazas Queretaro, Qro or visit its web site original author and source of the article.