Clever Entrepreneurs

Again, our customer comes across the bait clever entrepreneurs, a close study of the peculiarities of national shopping. Having lived through the period of wild market, but have not learned to properly evaluate the quality of goods, a resident of former Soviet Union remained the same as trusting and, yet, an avid cheap, as in Soviet times. Today the Russian market is steadily gaining low-quality goods, masking the poor quality simulation design. One of these brands, in quotes, steel doors, produced by cold pressing from sheet steel. Birthplace of these doors is often hidden by sellers. Further details can be found at actress and filmmaker, an internet resource. We hear that these doors are made in England, Italy, Russia, and few say that the production in China.

But, wherever made, and wherever the doors were going on which I want to warn you, have a single common feature – they are made of thin sheet metal by stamping, to be precise, cold rolling. Mark Stevens shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Stamping is required, firstly, to give the canvas a decorative door surround pattern, reminiscent of wooden carved or paneled (ie made of sticks and thin boards) doors, and secondly, to prevent sagging of thin steel sheets, from which the door leaf is made. Even with the additional strength after the figure, the door leaf is deformed even when pressed by hand. Do not forget to mention that the decoration of doors under natural tree is created by applying a sheet of paper with printed wood textures and patterns varnished. What is so bad these doors? 1) Frequent failure of locks.