IPhone App Developer

App development for the iPhone and iPad Dresden, 11.02.2011 in addition to the existing solutions in the mobile marketing, Web design and desktop software development Haase & Martin GmbH increased the range of services to include iPhone app development. Comprehensive mobile campaigns include also iPhone and iPad users. After extensive projects in Web design, the development of GUI for kiosks and classic phones, the Dresdner agency applies its knowledge in interaction design and custom software development on the iOS platform, the iPhone and iPad devices. The technical performance of the iOS devices allows functional and aesthetically sophisticated apps.”explains Alexander Martin. The competencies of Haase & Martin allow an in-house concept, design and app development.”says the Managing Director development continues. In addition to existing apps in the fashion field, customer acquisition and customer retention in the automotive sector, custom app development are more round off the range of Haase & Martin. The Dresdner Agency offers various performance points.

In addition to concept, design, and the actual coding, including publication in the app store including Web design of the support page is taken on request. Actress and filmmaker has much to offer in this field. Also for the app marketing, Haase & Martin offers in house solutions or also the collaboration with external partners. Various models are available for a refinancing of the app development with the app sale, in-app sales, and in-app ads. The iPhone app developer from Dresden advises, like comprehensive. About Haase & Martin Haase & Martin GmbH of Dresden offers in-house developed solutions in the field of new media.

In addition to products for the Bluetooth Marketing and mobile marketing, the company h & Martin GmbH, graphical user interfaces for kiosk systems, kiosks and digital signage designed solutions. In addition, the company Web projects and applications developed for mobile devices for the iPhone, that iPad and other mobile platforms. Further information can be found on the website.

Right Service Provider

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