The Majority

This would be, certainly, an attitude fascist: of hatred to the other and hatred to the other-critical. The part would not be fascist exactly for not operating such type of exclusion, but to question certain faces of the acriticidade. A possible project of transvalorao of the values must pass for this sphere, namely, to understand the critical plurality as the phenomenon noblest of the human being and to perceive, still, that at certain moments such project becomes one ' ' so that it serves? ' ' , over all when in the citizen it has a deep filiation and necessity of determined person. In this in case that, the transvalorao becomes one ' ' mero' ' to understand who submits and who is submitted, and not a destruction of an order. The part meets in this plot and it does not get over, that is, it does not make mere ' ' to accept for aceitar' ' , one ' ' as much makes, as much fez' ' , when it does not have another exit, but it constructs bridges so that, exactly ahead of the disastrous theater, it is not plus one, but one. The hypocritical one still can tax the part in such a way: ' ' how adolescent mentality! I thought that she was dealing with an intellectual who wise person who what it is good is what the majority and I like, because the voice it people is the voice of Deus.' '. Two errors, however, proceed from this affirmation: 1 who is with mental retardation is proper the hypocritical one, that is with one ' ' age mental' ' very inferior, and one does not confide to the new; 2 friction the intellectual while that one that accepted what the majority likes, not perceiving that this, many times, is mere mass not hands of bakery-absurd, is they producing musical comedies, grifes of fashion, publishing companies, etc. .