The Two Brains

We know that the brain is divided into two hemispheres which are connected by the Corpus Callosum, which in turn, is made up of 300 million fibers of axons. Since the work of Sperry, Vogel and Boyen in 1960, has concluded that the two hemispheres are complementary and work together but with different functions. The left hemisphere is specialized in the translation of the perception of the environment (what our senses perceive) to logical representations. Among its functions is everything related to language (grammar, syntactic and semantic) and with structured on this basis thinking: reading, writing and calculation. Think of how methodical and linear (as if you were a robot without feelings), dealing with everything related to digital communication (that is transmitted through the symbols).

It categorizes and organizes the information that arrives, associated with what they have learned in the past and focuses on project it into the future. It represents our part rational, unitary, singularizando us as individuals. It is that says I, and from that moment, is separated and isolated from the rest of the people. Everything happens to be you, falling into the bipolar awareness (see the post the polarity and the shadow (I) and (II)). The right hemisphere is highly developed for perception and unitary understanding of complex assemblies, configurations and structures (an odor or a music for example, evokes the entire scene where that perception took place). Get understand the whole, based on one of its parts however small it may be. It is timeless, dealt with the present and thinks in images. It is connected to the whole. It is visual and creative, assumes risk and responds to the excitement. It has an archaic language that corresponds to a primitive arithmetic, but with a capacity extremely accurate to the direct perception of the sets (there are pastors that have only numerals, one, two or several; but are able to warn immediately and accurately, if lack them any animal in his herd).