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Among the 'gray' and 'black' methods of promotion of sites on the Internet is still relevant one, probably the only 'white' method – placing articles, materials, reviews of article directories. Advantages of this method a few. First, the catalogs come from users to post articles almost always free. Secondly, the placement of articles with links to a web site absolutely will help in promoting it on the low-frequency queries, as is well known, the person who visited the site on low-frequency request is the most desired and popular visitor to this site, that is it – the most targeted visitors. Thirdly, accurate categorization and easy to navigate directory articles will place the material in the thematic section, which publishes similar topics article that conveys more than the reference weight, thereby contributing to the growth of trust and credibility of the site. The system itself is free layout to article directories has become popular in runet relatively recently, in contrast to foreign Internet, where so and get traffic moving more than a decade, because the search engines out there raged originally and strictly apply to any appearance of seo-links with them and was a struggle. Now such a picture can be observed in runet.

Links from the same text articles robots search engines seo-links do not believe, or rather they did not able to define them as seo-links, and it strengthens the hand optimizers that promote their sites. We can say more – the robots will never be able to determine what kind of external link is to a particular site from the article, naturally Whether or seo-link. With the above described advantages of placement of articles in the directories, however, be remembered that not all article directories qualitative, not all indexed and ranked in search engines, not all strictly moderated and contain mostly alone spam. It is important to remember that writing articles – is time-consuming, order writing articles – is the financial cost, so you should only post material on qualitative grounds, that is moderated in that do not require reciprocal link directories. Print articles on the directory should be included in the text only accurate reliable information, which may be useful to readers, it is necessary to eliminate all errors and follow the basic rules of writing in Russian.