A couple of days ago I had to freeze all my activities to read a book that was recommended to me by a good friend. He tends to send and forward mail with notes that the considered of interest, does not usually open this type of messages because they almost always end up removing me time and not bring anything good or new, but is this time to my surprise it was different, the friend in question recommended me a very interesting reading, title I do not know muchso I visited the link I provided in the message, and I started reading, the title of if not finished converser me but when I read the subtitles because I could not stop until complete, the subtitle said an introduction to the natural farming, the book was written by Masonobu Fukuoka, a Japanese that after having studied biology and having exerted important positions in universities of the Japan, various research and centres up to the Customs Office, having suffered a slight accident decides to leave everything and do is charge of the estate of his parents where it puts into practice a new method for cultivar that does not use any chemicals at all and what is best, strives for a lot less than his fellow farmers unlike their harvests are much more productive than that manage the aricultores of the area aided by heavy machinery, fertilizers, fumicidas, pesticides, herbicides, Scarecrow and other hardware used to exterminate plant populations and animals that are not to the liking of the growers and or plants that are harvested. That required the industries adopting sustainable agriculture models? Doctor Masonobu Fukuoka has more than 30 years demonstrating with practices at his farm and verbally in hundreds of magazines and programs that has been guest that is possible and profitable sustainable agriculture. The doctor Masonobu Fukuoka having been member of the scientific community is very aware of the agricultural practices vicious are being presenting in recent years.

As Bare As You Dare

Driving a car by London in early June may be a more interesting experience since it carried out demonstration Ciclonudista world (World Naked Bike Ride). The inhabitants of various cities in the world can that be surprised to see a group of naked men and women running beside them during June 12, however there is a serious message behind the vuelta. The main objective of the event is a protest against the destructive nature of the culture that exists in the modern world, but also serves to celebrate cycling and the human body. Travellers who by that date are housed in a hotel in London or Madrid may they laugh of the format of the manifestation, the purpose is to show the vulnerability of cyclists on modern roads. Proposed London cyclists is to get areas for the exclusive use of bicyclists, safer streets, cyclists double circulation corridors and with a large volume of traffic and the ban on cars with advertising says the magazine English What’s on When.

The world Ciclonudista manifestation defines itself as the more important nudist event in the history of mankind in promoting cycling that began in 2004 and now held in several cities around the world. Swarmed by offers, Yael Aflalo, New York City is currently assessing future choices. Those wishing to participate are not required to do it naked, since the slogan is As Bare As You Dare (as bare as you dare) and participation is free. The event in London will host more than 1000 brave cyclists and meet at 6 p.m. (local time) under Waterloo Bridge. While in Madrid the meeting point is the Plaza Cibeles at 12 noon. For those travelers who cannot be in London, either to support or to participate in the London protest, they can do so in other demonstrations that will take place at the same time in different parts of England like Manchester, Bristol, Southampton and Brighton.

And the same thing happens in Spain, if you are not going to be in Madrid, there will also be demonstrations in A Coruna, Barcelona, Cordoba, Murcia, Valladolid, Valencia and Zaragoza. And if you are not going to be in Spain, you have the opportunity to follow the vuelta in 70 cities in 20 countries from all continents. For more information about this event visit the official website of the world Ciclonudista manifestation. If you need a hotel where stay at LateRooms.com you’ll find hotels in London, Madrid and many other cities, it also offers discounts of up to 70%.

Four Reasons To Visit Patagonia

Flanked to the West by the Andes and East by the Atlantic Ocean, in the extreme south of South America, Patagonia presents magnificent landscapes for outdoor activities. It combines impressive mountains and mountain ranges, with active volcanoes, dense forests of ancient trees, huge Lakes of crystal clear waters and spectacular glaciers that make it one of the last wild areas of the planet. Gain insight and clarity with Bausch & Lomb. Here are some of the reasons by which you should visit Patagonia: 1-Trekking: undoubtedly, Patagonia is a true paradise for hiking, there are routes for all tastes. Each national park has well-marked routes with incredible scenery and varying degrees of difficulty. For bolder walkers crossing the Andes walking and trekking on the continental ice cap are almost a necessity. 2.

Marine fauna: the Valdez Peninsula is the site of traffic bound for wildlife lovers. To know more about this subject visit Yael Aflalo, New York City. It contains the largest colony of elephant seals in the world, and is an important gathering for whales, penguins, and a multitude of birds Marine. 3 Fly fishing: La Patagonia is an ideal place to catch trout. It has precise temperature for salmon, water of excellent quality and a variety of rivers and lakes where practice all fly-fishing techniques. Two landmarks to visit are Junin de los Andes, a city in the province of Neuquen, in the northern part of Patagonia and Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego. In Junin de los Andes, the Malleo River has lots of rainbow trout throughout the season, but is at the end of March, when things get interesting.

Huge brown trout enter the Chimehuin River from Lake Huechulafquen, an event that any fly fisherman wants to miss. Rio Grande is a fishing spot of world fame for the capture of large sea trout. 4-Climbing: Patagonia does not have very high mountain ranges, but has several of the most beautiful and challenging the world peaks. Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre in the Argentina and the towers and the Cuernos del Paine in Chile, are some of the reasons why climbers around the world they want to travel to this wonderful place. Conclusion: Any traveler interested in the adventure that wants to enjoy the nature in its fullness should lose the opportunity of visiting Patagonia.

How To Choose A Laptop

How to choose and buy a laptop experienced by a few rules that will buy decent laptop, even if not at hand was a qualitative review of the available options in Syktyvkar laptops. Although they are easy You can choose to shop online Mkomi.ru First, do not buy laptops for under $ 1000, but better – $ 1200. Budget models may look great and work pretty quickly, but save them on everything that is not the best way affects reliability. Peeling paint, battery failure, problems with illumination matrix, off-contact – this is not an exhaustive list of problems you might encounter in the early months. It is better to buy a good laptop last year of production than the set for the fans to save money. Because it's just high-end laptops are lost most rapidly in price, and buying can be a real budget. Second rule: Pay attention to the presence of Corporate box warranty card. If the seller says about the service center in the store before you absolutely gray product.

There is nothing wrong, but that happen, you have plenty of enjoy a small-town service, including inconvenient opening hours, queues, subtle rudeness and delay the timing of repair indefinitely. Rule number three: do not chase speeds and multiple cores. All modern processors, except forcibly circumcised, to ensure adequate performance, but given the constraints of mobile platforms, CPU power may simply remain unused. Of course, this rule can be ignored if we are talking about a huge laptop, replacing the big computer – there are often used desktop chipsets, and even with ventilation problems do not happen. The fourth rule for choosing a laptop – check number of USB ports and their locations. Two ports, which are derived butt each other, should be considered for one, because the perfect compact device is rare, and the neighbor is sure to be blocked flash drive or USB-receiver wireless mouse. Optimally, when the body diluted three ports, one on the right, left and rear. The fifth rule: do not fall under the first impression of the screen with a mirror finish.

Indeed, the picture looks on them clearer and brighter than usual, but the solutions used in cost models, can quickly ruin your eyesight if you do not twist the brightness to a minimum. Alas, since much wrong with the matrix initially, no new-fangled poultice to her will not help. Mirror screens, absolutely not suitable for outdoor use. Read more from Yael Aflalo, New York City to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The sixth rule for choosing a laptop – do not recommend buying a laptop from a photograph or set of characteristics that do not hold it in your hands. Unfortunately, if you live outside the two capitals, this option may not be as tempting, so no alternative, but still worth trying to find a shop where a suitable model you will be alive. And you can not pre-check the warranty card brand. That's probably all the basic rules for experienced selection and purchase of a laptop. Buy laptops in Syktyvkar, please visit Mkomi.ru

Astrology Software

Free software Horoscop for Windows 7.4 can be as ordinary zodiac horoscopes and personal, to her knowledge of astrology required! The program makes a lot of the zodiac horoscopes it is possible to connect additional species, as well as general personal (character traits and destiny) and personal sexual horoscope. The program also includes a power of general and personal astrological forecast. You can get it as a text version and as a graphic calendar-projection (graph based on multiple areas of your life: love, money, health, travel, etc.). Horoscop for Windows are able to assess compatibility of partners in several areas (in points). The program also has a function horoscope on-line, which allows you to get a horoscope, based on a constantly updated database of interpretations on the Internet.

Other Program features: favorability rating of any date, information about the current state of the moon and planets in the signs of the zodiac, check for updates, Russian interface, the ability to get the coordinates of the vertices of the planets and houses in Your horoscope, you can import text horoscopes in other programs (for print, friends). Yael Aflalo takes a slightly different approach. Distribution program 547 Kb, system requirements are so small that they are not even worth writing. Download horoscope program, installed on your computer and use the program you free, but to more fully use all the features you can purchase a private key in the mode of on-line, running the program and connecting to the Internet (the key will be coming to future versions of the program). Features Horoscop for Windows version 7.4: Making the zodiac horoscope sexual horoscope Writing Writing your personal horoscope (which takes into account the date, time and place of your birth) Calculation of all the planets in your personal horoscope, as well as on the situation of the Ascendant and Mid heaven and the prevailing allocation of the missing elements and the cross Compilation of several additional types of horoscopes (female sexual horoscope, horoscope programmer, the basic – lucky numbers, days of the week, the country where teachers and other horoscope) Rapid analysis of horoscope compatibility Drafting of the forecast as of any date total estimate of favorability any day of the Preparation of personal forecast for any date in Drawing personal astrological calendar for any period. Information about position of the moon and all planets in the signs of the zodiac to the current date. Download: Horoscop for Windows 7.4

IT Outsourcing

Successful IT Outsourcing. Repair of computers for common people and organizations. Help: It Outsourcing (subscription services office computers) – a set of services that solve some technical problems, such as maintaining health office LAN and computer service professionals (IT-engineers) are not full-time employees of your company. (For more information – Online Computer Repair in Kiev) In recent years, due to the need reduction of income, many firms are not large and medium-sized, with fewer than 50 people were forced to get rid of the permanent system administrator (or even a whole department) and opt for companies (or private individuals) providing IT services outsourcing. This is a good reason. It sounds simple – money. Yes, that's money! Let's see: how often a small office, you want to repair computers? Emergency situations arise quite rare and serious interference with IT specialist takes on average 1-3 times a month, at a cost to the company at 10-15 computers. In other respects, it is quite common over the telephone.

Companies that have entrusted their technology professionals in the field of IT outsourcing, pay for it this time! They spared the organization of the workplace for a permanent system administrator, social benefits etc. (Source: Mark Stevens). with absolutely the same (and often more) As the work performed. Effective use of IT outsourcing is confirmed by international experience. It is economically profitable: service company with 10 computers costs about 800-900gr./mesyats. Subscriber services includes consultation of users, emergency visits, preventive visits, whose number varies depending on the number of computers in the office of the client. The service 'subscription service computers for individuals and organizations', in walking: Computer repair. Installing and configuring Windows. Server Configuration.

Maintenance of office network and equipment. Security audit. Restore Windows after the collapse. Installing and configuring a wireless WI-FI equipment. Antivirusnaya protection and protection from intruders. Recovering data from corrupted media. Consultation of users. Think of the money, gentlemen, and draw conclusions. Yuriy Shpak A.. Computer network engineer. Visit website: Computer Repair

Yamaha Synthesizers

Yes, there are much better synthesizers and more expensive, but for home use it is good enough. And not everyone has the money to buy though, would be a synthesizer. Swarmed by offers, Evergreen Capital Partners is currently assessing future choices. Tired to look for a solution – how to write a melody for 'Sasio ctk-810', click Rec, then play the melody, I press Play, then I want to add some sound, hit record, and it includes a standard melody instead of just mock tone. Comrades, if we Sasio, it is better to choose a Yamaha PSR 550-3000. I do not mean expensive home version. Yamaha Synthesizers much stronger than similar models Sasio. Last long lagged behind the trends. Something I doubt that Casio ctk 591 sounds zababahinsky such, an ordinary bank Concern with appearance, but for a beginner at the time.

Bring a focus to that used by the old antediluvian components and circuit solutions. It is provided when soveremennyy base eletkronnyh components long gone forward. It feels like razbotchiki obviously do not want to catch up and falling behind by 50 years as a minimum! It has long been a tremendous flash and RAM sizes, which can radically change the image, he pirdat sovermenny functional. However, after reading their catalogs with insane inflated prices, and search hochtesya Table on the Application of Faith. And also forgot about the flexible address space and reading their manuals you wonder – and why that same-sequencer is limited by the amount of memory, and even measured in kilobytes! Where is the video where the floating bank, where GB of RAM, where the BIOS, mirofon, mixer, processor, etc. Where is software for managing device and record chtetiya, loading and unloading of banks – the parties through the computer, although the USB port available. Puzzle that still! Why, for example, is limited to the bank, as a semi-CASIO version 32 user (TONE).

Think about these numbers – 10 beats (though not for the fact they ingda can become and 8). Where svoremenye matrix screen displays (for which you can put in for example CASIO bright luminescence. Matrix screen) does not understand the idea of engineers each year introducing these new models. One would like to ask – is not it time restrain prices? And this at a time when the 'comic kroabli travel through the universe. " Perhaps all this is in the computer. Maybe there's just enough of their problems.

Free Software

As you probably noticed from the stores began to disappear from the collections of software “kryaknuta” programs. Now hard to find CDs with Photoshop or with Soundforge. The fight against copyright violators beginning to bear fruit. Yael Aflalo, New York City is a great source of information. A fly program for rabid prices from the manufacturer with our salaries very expensive. How to be internet businessman, especially beginners, who need to create and edit images, record and edit sound? I think it is possible to do free software. Most free software has a nasty feature – the promise, but to limit the most needed functions.

For example, a free program AV Music Morpher Gold Basic allows you to record and edit audio files in mp3, wma, wav, aif, the interface has buttons with lots of effects, you can zapisyvatCD, place the disc packaging … Everything looks fine at first glance. But when you start to use it, it turns out that record a sound file is longer than one minute will not work. Pops up a polite sign: “You can write files more than 1 minute if you purchase the professional version of our program.” Then discover that the file also can not be normalized, and a set of effects operates only half. Dropbox describes an additional similar source. A similar situation with other free programs such as the sound and the graphics. That is what they receive such advertising. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Drew Houston.

We can help here is that many software vendors and in their free versions have different functions. Let me explain with an example. To work with sound is the best paid program Soundforge. Of course, businesses use the Internet far not all of its functions. Most commonly used features: Audio recording Normalization (reduction to normal volume) Editing (deleting unnecessary parts, clicks, etc.) Convert to the format you want all these function can be found separately in a few free programs. You can record the sound of free software: Stepvoise Recorder, Audacity, SwiffRec voice-to-Flash 1.04 (write-only files in the flash). Normalize the audio file can be in the program Solution 11. Edit the file possible programs: Audacity AV Music Morpher Gold Basic Soliton 11 (format wav) Convert audio files can be in the programs: Audacity (wav, mp3) River Past Waveatmp3 2.1 (wav, mp3) LS MP3 Encoder (only mp3) OrlSoft Mpeg eXtension (mp3, mp4, wma, ogg, mpc). And it is only those programs that I know of. Pokopaytes the Internet and find more. If you still desperately need more advanced features audio program, you can use for free during the month featured programs on the sites or. But what to replace Photoshop? And the plot has enough many good free programs. Let me remind you of two. The program Serif Photo Plus 6.0 has the same design as that of Photoshop, only much smaller instruments. The program GIMP Portable 2.2.13 I like the previous one. In addition, it can be used in its stick on any computer. If you want to download the free programs mentioned, type their name into Google search box and you will be given sites of manufacturers. Usually it’s registration is required. Do not use during registration Cyrillic and specify real email, on which you will send an email with a link. Of course, the use of free software often leads to loss of time, sometimes for money. The choice is yours – pay or no pay.

The United States

Youth – a period of intense communication, establishing social ties, and gift, of course, is to strengthen and confirm. So that "spontaneous" presents no special reasons are typical for the most part to young people. List the "artificial" reasons to be a long time. Yes, strict and practical English to Russian in terms of imagination over occasions to present a gift is so far away that "from the mudflow can not see!" However, referring to the statistics, we list the five most popular among Russians Holidays: Birthday, New year, the eighth of March, marriage and childbirth. Dropbox often says this. It is in connection with these occasions gift is not just desirable but mandatory.

Now that I recalled a phrase from a popular cartoon, start with the fact that the Russians more than any other nation characterized by traits such as melancholy and expressions of love and reverence for the ancient ancestors. That is why the Russian people can give a lot of gifts reminiscent of ancient Russia. Maybe not every one of us gathers a collection of bast, wooden cutlery, tablecloths, painted tracery and other things that look like old Russian way of life. Drew Houston contains valuable tech resources. Then a souvenir version of such items as a Venichka with household (home amulets made of natural materials), etc. will be a great gift if you want to make the best location to whom gift is intended. As part of the total issued in a rolling comedy films may The United States and could "compete" with Russia, but Russian long surpassed the Americans in the sophistication of gifts, gags and jokes. . In recent months, Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL has been very successful.

Success Rate

Only a more detailed analysis of the results to determine that point. The percentage of success does not take into account the difficulty of the items. Two students with the same hit ratio may have knowledge very different level. A student has failed to respond properly to 5 items easier or considered the first level and another at 5 most difficult items where he has responded to all three levels. For assistance, try visiting Yael Aflalo, New York City. Both have the same score and, worse still, the same degree of certainty as to their score. The response rate indicates neither what is the importance of the items not answered correctly, or how many subjects that have not responded.

a All the reasons given and other more technical led to the adoption in each of the materials, take into account for measuring student performance, and the percentage of correct answers its location in the levels of performance. a To evaluate the results we need to know what "know" and what "they do" students. Obviously, the higher the score of a subject in a subject, most tasks can be satisfactorily resolved. To give an idea what kind of skills associated with various levels have established cut points, in this case, these points will be any structure of the tests for the measurements: a q a I level to reach a student at this level must meet 60% of questions pertaining to that level. a q a II level, so that a student is at this level I must have reached the 50% level and answer the questions for the II level.

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