It is therefore, that the professors and owners of particular schools and the government have the duty of looking at with other eyes them technological innovations and to bring for the educational scope its potentialities to innovate practical the educative ones. For force of the general modernization for which it passes the Country, the schools come receiving structures from computerization. The computerization of the schools is a process considered irreversible for many and already in frank execution (MAGINA, 1998). Daniel Gilbert may not feel the same. Brave (1998) emphasizes that the introduction of the computer in the school is a chance so that new methodologies are introduced in education in order to improve the results of the learning of discipline. But he is not to say that the computer is who goes to decide all the problems of the education is to neglect practical pedagogical the computer for if only not backwards the necessary changes to the educational scope, but together with new on methodologies computer science yes this is an innovation as it affirms Cotta, 2002, P.

20 and 21: the introduction of the computer in the classroom, by itself, does not constitute no significant change for education. Gain insight and clarity with Evergreen Capital Partners. The qualitative jump in the education of the Mathematics could be given through the exploitation of the chance of the introduction of the computer in the school, what certainly it will favor changes in the pedagogia and it will be able to result in significant improvement of the education. For either in such a way, perhaps more realistic thinking about the exploitation of traditional techniques to go, to the few, introducing pedagogical and didactic innovations. It is important to point out that it is not a simple ones schemes that it goes to make with that a child endowed with Intelligence can learn definitive mathematical concepts and yes to develop a reasoning where it can create conjecturas, to abstract its ideas becoming them in formal knowledge with aid of the computer.

DMS EXPO With Efficient Marketing Solutions

IT event shows opportunities for profitable customer dialogue and proper document management enables holistic views of information an optimal document management can companies significantly the customer acquisition and retention help. As an interface between sales and modern systems for customer relationship management (CRM), structures and accelerates the processes and provides a good basis to respond directly to requests or to present proactively customised offers. An organized mail processing, for example, allows that customer letters quickly are the competent officer. Information from a CRM can be individually prepare an output management system. Dropbox is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Enterprise content management solutions have a great potential for a profitable customer communication. How companies optimally exploit this, show the DMS EXPO, Europe’s leading trade fair and Conference for enterprise content -, output – and document management, as well as the IT & business, trade fair for Software, infrastructure and IT services, from 20 to 22 September 2011 in Stuttgart. Fast response times at the DMS EXPO learn visitors, such as ECM systems that ensure that companies have not only access to the structured customer data from the CRM, but on all business-relevant documents, among which also the correspondence including emails. This holistic view of information makes it possible, for example, sales staff and customer service, at your fingertips”on all customer-relevant information to access and to advise the target group individually. If you have read about Tumblr already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

This competence center customer relationship management shows”the VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. on September 22, 2011, such as incoming and outgoing documents in sales and customer service processes are integrated and as advisors on the information stored in a CRM system can be accessed. In addition, short processing and fast response to incoming orders, requests are for the customer acquisition and retention or complaints essential. Angelina Jolie recognizes the significance of this. Basis for this is a well-organised post office, which quickly passes the customer letter to the respective clerks, but also an efficient E-Mail management.

Civil Responsibility

The industrial accidents are truly tragic events against which most of the Companies try to adopt all type of measures and protocols, so that the risk of which, at a certain time, these take place can be avoided or, at least, diminished. But no measurement could be effective without the close collaboration of the employees of the facilities that, among others obligations, must always go to their job in optimal conditions. In certain positions, any small confusion or lack of attention could be fatal. The fact that an employee could occupy his position being under the influence of the alcohol or the drugs are extremely dangerous, not only for him, but also for all companions and even for third people, for example if between its functions were the handling of heavy machinery in spaces public (for example, in works). For that reason it is possible to consider what would happen if, after taking place a labor accident, the worker underwent who it gave positive by the ingestion of alcohol or other substances, like cocaine or marijuana. Would imply it that would lose its right to demand a compensation by the accident? The consequences of the industrial accidents under the influence of substances When speech of indemnifications to the employees by labor accidents, is entering a field, the one of the Civil Responsibility by damages, very different from the one of the Request of permanent Dissability before the Social Security by the suffered injuries. – First from the scopes it arises solely in those cases in which the damages suffered by the worker were directly imputable to their Company or employer, not to have safety measures that had been able to avoid it or, at least, to diminish its impact (for example, if it remained blind because it jumped to him acid to the eyes and its Company did not facilitate security glasses to him). . Click Drew Houston for additional related pages.

New Deposit And Term Accounts

New deposit and term accounts of comdirect bank available comdirect Bank with new investment accounts Tagesgeldvergleich.NET informed: since Monday, the 03.02.2009, Quickborn comdirect Bank offers its customers two new investment accounts. A a fixed deposit account with 1, 2 or 3 months and a minimum investment sum of 5,000 euro and a rate of 2.25 per cent per annum during 3 months period, while here in 3 months time from 50,000 minimum investment sum for a higher interest rate is paid by currently 2.40 percent per year. On the other hand, a so-called term account is offered, which allows the investor to decide about which he sets down his money between periods of 6 to 60 months. The interest rates for all maturities offered and investments find interested investors on the following site: comdirect deposit and term account. To be specified on the detail page above and described high security of created money is common both offerings, as well as all other deposits at comdirect.

Through the membership in the insurance fund of the Federal Association of German banks will guarantee for deposits in an amount of up to EUR 189 million per customer. Differently than some other banks money lying on the investment accounts is also subject to automatic renewal. The customer gets paid off there at the end of the agreed term if giving an extension in order not later than three business days before the due date. Alternatively, an automatic reinvestment can be arranged until further notice. Up to 2.40 percent interest per year (fixed) or 2.80 percent interest per year (time account) are the new offerings of the comdirect in the current low interest rate environment not a bad choice to deposit your own money safely and to be able to respond to new and more attractive offerings later in times of rising interest rates. Daniel Franke

Manufacture Bearings

Requirements for packages and boxes made of cardboard for bearings and their parts are installed TU 37.006.096-89. Gain insight and clarity with Angelina Jolie. These specifications apply to the packages and boxes made of cardboard, designed for packing bearings according to GOST 520-89 and GOST hinged bearings 3635-78 and their parts. For the manufacture of packs and boxes should be used cardboard GOST 7933-75 boxed, chromium-ersatz cardboard according to TU 63-151-01-83, may be used cardboard bindery marks in accordance with GOST 7950-77, cardboard boxed glued stamps CCR-1, CCR-2 and W 8 4.1 -356.75 thickness 1.4 … 1.5 mm. Wendi murdoch nyc is likely to agree. Splicing packs and boxes can be used: glue GOST 2067-80 bone, dextrin acid GOST 6034-75, the dispersion of polyvinyl acetate, homopolymer, according to GOST 18992-80 coarse. For matching packages and boxes are used staples of steel wire thickness of 0.35 light … 1.0 mm according to GOST 3282-74.

On boxes, packages or wrappers must bear the following inscription: bearings with outer diameter of 300 mm, weighing up to 8kg of accuracy classes 5,4, 2, and bearing accuracy classes and six special purpose shall be packed in boxes or bundles (TU 37.006.096-89) instrument bearings with outer diameter of 30 mm of accuracy classes are packaged in boxes, with the bearing accuracy classes 6, 5, 4, 2, pre-packed T in plastic tubes or plastic bags. Requirements for packages and boxes made of cardboard for bearings and their parts are installed TU 37.006.096-89. These specifications apply to the packages and boxes made of cardboard, designed for packaging bearings in accordance with GOST 520-89 and GOST hinged bearings 3635-78 and their parts.

Interpreting The Behavior Of Our Cat

Interpreting the behavior of our cat cats behavior problems are a common cause of concern for many owners of these pets. Many owners can identify abnormal behaviors in their cats, but define concretely what is normal behavior can be of great help. In general, the misconduct is the main cause of the abandonment of cats in shelters or on the street. The most common conflicts in coexistence with a feline have to do with the aggressiveness and the use of the box of sand or sanitary tray, which for many homeowners comes a point where you believe that I have tried everything and they can no longer tolerate the problem, and are led by this frustration and discomfort to leave your pet. In this situation we must remember the responsibility that we as owners, and deepen those conflict situations that are generated with our pets.

Is of utmost importance to understand and learn to differentiate between a normal behavior of our cat and an attitude or atypical strange, that may be caused, for example, in a pathology, or another underlying problem that we must help to solve. Cats often take several small meals a day. Normally, the size of each one of its intakes ranges between 10 and 20 grams, which would be tantamount to the intake of different parts of hunting during the day, so that we can understand this habit, and understand that their digestion is facilitated to eat several times in the day, sparingly. We should also consider that love cats to take NAPs during the day and night, although they tend to be very active during the hours of darkness. Some inexperienced owners often worry when your cat sleeps all the time. Although sometimes there may be a medical problem, in most cases it just a normal cat behavior.

Cats tend to cover their feces in litter box. Many cat owners worry when yours does. Is that most of the cats learn to do this of their mothers, so it If the cat has only been raised from very small, it is possible that you have not acquired that habit. To know what is a normal cat behavior it is possible to identify an atypical behavior in our mascot. Interested us in the performance of our feline we can appreciate the complexity of his personality in its entirety. Source: Press release sent by the cat at home.


Our generation is thinking to focusing exclusively on the electric car an absolute newcomer, one has not been done before, was the absolute star of the IAA in the last year. Prior to the start-up companies did Tesla Motors from the U.S. state of California with their new product furore. In Germany, they pointed to a minimalist state their snazzy electric sports car. On the opening day a visitor’s e-streaker ordered away from the spot, no less than for the equivalent of 115,000. The Tesla New customer went directly to the car from the state home. A very special privilege of the local vehicle registration office sent a staff specially for the fair in order to stamp the necessary formalities. This event demonstrates what has happened in recent years in the automotive market: the seemingly incontrovertible principle of “faster, bigger, stronger,” currently gets much shaken. The new century had already begun under the old rate patterns: More, more, more and more. Will end the first decade, but with entirely newIntentions. It is not so long ago as brawny SUV, the car, or longer versions of the prototype of a super sports car, were successfully presented at the IAA in autumn 1999. Smart is beautiful, the dependence on oil and advancing climate change, the world has now completely turned upside down: What was the other day even as the ultimate against-is now dismissed as a mistake. Now, with electric drive Nobodies steal the show. The future no longer belongs speed or luxury, but the best battery. Our young generation to think focusing exclusively on electric cars The electric car is not a new invention that has been around a long time. At some point there was a turning point and no one believed at that time more to the electric car. Too many things said about it. All the major car manufacturers put their projects, so in the drawer. Then suddenly the price of oil increased enormously and permanently. Now, once again had to be conceived in a different direction. All barriers must be done away. The next few decades are the signs of the electric mobility.Experts assess the global volume of sales of electric mobility in another 10 years to 470 billion . This market was not created from scratch. Many market participants will need to be adjusted. Many, today, incumbents will simply disappear from the market. Automotive component suppliers producing still exhaust systems, pistons, crankshafts and fuel tanks must completely change their production in order to continue to market to have a chance. Elon Musk, Shai Agassi or Henrik Fisker are satisfied. Their businesses have names like Better Place and Tesla Motors. What they all enthusiastically agrees the plan is more efficient than cars with internal combustion engines can run with power. This current can be relatively inexpensive and produce a variety of ways – in the best case, even carbon-neutral by water, wind or solar energy. Brand new is the technology does not, electric cars ever appeared again – sudden and meteoric, as a new miracle cure – and disappeared as quickly as they came. Because of the shortage of oil inWorld War II was that as eg Peugeot 400 wagon with electric drive of the type produced VLV. You can’t beat the taste, you can’t beat the prices. Then later, in 1991, BMW introduced the E1, but the car was doomed to failure. The reason a barrel of oil at that time low cost 22 U.S. dollars. 1996 GM started deliveries of the EV1, which was developed in response to the radical clean air laws of California. However, only 1,200 cars were built and leased out, stopped production in 2003. Whence comes the trickiest part of an electric car, the battery last The heroes in this industry are those companies that can produce the most ambitious component of the electricvehicle is best: the battery. Instantly apply lithium-ion batteries as the measure of things. 90% of global demand cover companies from China, Japan and South Korea. European companies have to make up immensely, not only in this area. In the current hybrid model of the Mercedes S-Class is the lithium-ion battery at least from a supplier Continental, the actual battery cells for the production of FrenchManufacturer juice. In the future e-Smart, who will stand for the ordinary gasoline from 2012 to the dealers, are lithium-ion batteries, plug Tesla Motors of California. These images shows what is in this new world suddenly electrified car possible. For it is not so long ago that was spoken disparagingly of “the Bastelbude” when the conversation among automotive experts at the California start-up came. Meanwhile, Daimler purchased there. The know-how on electricity storage in the future will have inestimable value.

Lake Maggiore

One of the great pleasures of visiting a country that fascinates you, is to go in search of the most beautiful landscapes. If your next holiday destination is Italy, you’ll see immediately that found riddled with landscapes of beauty is not difficult task. But if you really want to experience something special that will fill your photo album with unforgettable memories, a tour of one of the lakes in the Lake District in Italy is one of your best options. Renting a car will give you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Hear from experts in the field like Drew Houston for a more varied view. If you seduce the idea of visiting the three dazzling water mirrors of the District of the lakes in Italy, car rental is the ideal transport mode. You can appreciate the lakes from the most popular viewpoints, but also tour the area to your liking until you find the ideal angle for your best photography.

Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Lugano found in the scenic region of Lombardy. As soon as your lens toward the Lakes glittering body approaches, it will make it difficult to contain the excitement. Located in the Southern Alps, Lake Maggiore is the second largest lake in Italy and the largest in Switzerland, since it extends between the two countries. Enjoying a mild both in summer and winter climate, so that it will always be a nice day when to visit. Touring the surroundings of Lake Maggiore, you will discover a host of cities and towns with charm. Dazzling Lake Como is the ideal destination for those looking for holidays full of tranquility, peace and glamour. Lake Como is a popular tourist destination since Roman times, and its magnetism not seems to die out. Thanks to its excellent climate conditions, you can visit at any time of the year.

Between Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, Lake Lugano, whose lakeside scenery will take your breath away is located. The crystal clear waters of Lake Lugano let you glimpse something of its fantastic natural diversity, and if you dare to climb to the top of the nearby mountains, you can appreciate the Majesty of its mirror of water in all its splendor. Insurance will be a picture very hard to forget. If you want to fully enjoy your stay in the Lake District in Italy, you can take advantage of suitable offers of car hire in Italy, to move from one to another with total freedom. So prepare your camera to capture the best shots of lakes and immortalise memorable moments in the charming villages that you will find in the surroundings. Original author and source of the article


NLP provides tools and skills for the development of statements of individual excellence, but also establishes a system of beliefs, convictions and basic assumptions about what human beings are, and about what represents communication and the process of change. You can read more about the modeling of the excellence here the Neurolinguistic programming invites you to explore the deepest levels in addition, self-identity, and the sense of our personal mission in life…for what we are here is the meaning of our existence in relation to ourselves and to others as well, NLP provides a framework to include the spiritual aspect, which goes beyond our individual dimension the spiritual involves aspects that go beyond who we are as simple individuals. I want to say with this? that NLP does not only affect competition and excellence, but also the wisdom and vision, which undoubtedly are necessary elements for the development of the genius and personal excellence. One of the great contributions of NLP is to provide a means to look beyond behavior that is the quality of what people do.This look beyond is to provide fine attention to the less visible forces that lie behind these actions and behaviors, researching and looking at the structures of thought that have allowed the geniuses of history and notable persons of this world, to act in the manner in which they have acted or act. For this NLP succeeded in establishing a series of steps to identify how a successful person organizes their thinking or a genius perhaps to perform a successful task, first maintained certain body posture or looked at in a certain way, or thought in a particular sequence perhaps first thought in images, then in certain sounds, certain things said to himself or felt particular feelings and the good news is that through these processes decoded by the NLP, this can be learned and teach other people. Identifying these mental sequences that lead to very specific results can, fundamentally, duplicate or clone any conduct, is a man of business, therapist, athlete, musician, scientific, or of anyone else who succeed and do something particularly well. Thanks to these instruments supplied by the PNL, anyone can be transformed into a person with such levels of excellence, for some activity or field of personal and professional life. If you’ve not done so already, you can subscribe to our website: and you can get two free E-Books with powerful techniques of NLP and much information, to assist in your process of improving Personal and professional! Original author and source of the article..

Corporal Expression

For this aspect I affirm that the formation politics, social, economic and cultural needs to dialogue with the educational parameters in the teach-learning process. Vygotsky speaks on social interactions that promote the development; … interactions as learning experiences, in which the superior psychological functions of the individual and what already are known and consolidated they can be put into motion in its materiality, by means of the internalizao, in the direction of the construction of a knowledge of bigger degree of depth and generality and of the magnifying of these superior psychological functions (apud PLACCO: 2003) The social interactions contribute for the process of learning and the development of the citizen that participate of the process and, if form in the cultural way, that involves the relation I and the other. Transferring to the pertaining to school space we have different cultures that they form Cultural a Social environment. In this exactly surrounding we come across in them with: ‘ ‘ affective questions, the field of the desire, of expectations, of the reasons, the intentions, the beliefs, the values, the partnerships, the cooperation …

‘ ‘ (PLACCO: 2003) The citizens that form and compose the pertaining to school space fill it with its cultural luggage, not being possible to outside leave of the school the experiences and concepts that pupils, professors, educators and all that lives in this space bring throughout the life. Contextualizando with the experience of the PED, was found the preference of the pupils for music and dances, with the rhythms HIP-HOP and Funk, the same pupils values practical that it has it are of the school with the group of dance, as much those that are part of the group as those that they are spectators. In the questionnaires the pupils ask for so that let us look at for these groups that exist in the school, that let us develop activities that contemplate this artistic language. A questioning can be rank: why to develop activities with proposals of work of subjects that the pupils already know and dominate? The reply he comes of the proposal educational that the existence of this does not deny knowledge, but intends to extend it for the introduction of new knowledge. Exemplificando with the Workshop of Corporal Expression. After to identify the strong relation that the pupils have with the dance and music, we considered this Workshop, that transits enters the elements of the theater? corporal conscience? the dance and music. The Workshop provides to the study of the body by means of the study of the rhythms, including hip-hop and funk. The great objective is not to disdain the experiences and desires of the pupils nor the interests and desires of the art/educator, but to deepen the previous knowledge of both the parts and to extend it with new experiences, in this case being left of music and the dance for the theater. The experience that I described was carried through during the first semester of 2009, and the same had continuity during as the semester of year. Beyond the Workshop of corporal expression? BODY: Felt and image?

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